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  • Liars on this site

    I used to post on this site, in a bid to help others, a certain moderator claiming to be an Arabic immigrant, fleeing civil war in their own country, after losing their family to bomb raids and as a consequence suffering from a terminal illness, would pour his heart wrenching, scripted, false story to many women on this site. He wasn’t even an Arab, he could not even read or speak his own mother tongue. Where he claimed to live was also a lie, thanks to tracing hotmail emails. I later came to the conclusion this person was a spy, gathering intelligence on innocent people posting their everyday personal issues and concerns. Any of you who came in to contact with this deceitful creature will know who I’m referring to. If he wasn’t a spy, must have been a psychopath, as a normal person doesn’t spend 24/7 for many years on a website pretending to be someone they are not. Aides and I’m happy that this site is no longer active as it used to be as it was obviously a platform intended for other uses than helping others .....

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