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    Hiya !!

    To get back to your question luvlynadia...I do wear the jelleba sometimes when am in to go to do some shopping just next to my place...and I like it and find it very convenient !! Or, sometimes to go to the need to get dressed, I mean spend too much time !! Just put this jellaba thinguy on top and you are fine !!

    I also like: gandoura !! Which is a bit different than jellaba !! But I wear it at home, doesn't really matter in which country i am ...and also to go to the beach sometimes !!

    Now I do not see why my futur husband will have or should ask me to wear it or not...?! Thats just up to me to decide how i wanna be dressed! And it doesn't really matter where I am: Algeria, France, UK... i am most of the time dressed on the same way ! But, I would try not to shock people if i am in little villages in algeria. Cos it makes a difference if i am in big cities like Algiers/Oran...or in small villages !!

    Voila voila !!

    Have a nice day all...and bon debut de semaine !


    ps: why that question ? do you find it strange to wear a jellaba ?


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      Re: jelleba

      i like jellabas, and i have a few but the only time i wear them is when i go 2 morocco, i dnt no y, it just dnt feel rite when i wear them in algeria
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        meriem,,, y doesnt feel rite for u in algeria?,, i admit that i do sometimes were it in algeria,,, but not all the time i like them but wouldnt want to wear it everyday,, khokom ur rite,, jeleba rules, i dnt supose u were them do u ;-) lol salam
        Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.


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          Hi Luvlynadia,

          Well, sometimes i wear jeleba but most of the time i wear hijab, it suits me more lol

          For those who didnt get it, IT WAS A JOKE !!

          Take care,



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            That was a good one Kho ! Jelaba vs Hijab ! try a bernous !



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              How is everything? I am sure you look good in a Jalaba. Do you cover your head?

              I'm done with Atkins. I'm trying Jenny Craig right now. You know summer is coming, the pool and all the tralala. Mouah, moah later.

              Did you know. Khona is wearing hijab now.


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                I'm good. Thanks for the jelaba statement. I heard that those clinical diets aren't too healthy either. You will be at risk of gaining all the weight that you lost and more. So, I wouldn't recommend it. That's what they say, who knows! I'm sure that you're not the type of person that has to try to hard to look good. Just ignore the happy hour signs and invitations and you will be all right! Anyway, kisses!


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                  Afoctionado !

                  This one is NY - 37 mins flight away - or maybe half-way each to the brotherly town of philly ! like dans le filet !

                  But be careful, it might turn out a 4 foot hight by 12 wide, like an 19 wheeler.... Then I will have to bring you cigarettes to St Elizabeth ! Have you ever been there ? Holy crap ! that where bout belongs, with all the vietnam deranged crowd !




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                    You are killing me man. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine in the town of macho love or the big apple. Right now I’m making arrangements for Khokom and maybe annibal () who might find today’s news good . We don’t have much time you know.
                    Did you check the national ballet when they came few weeks ago (Lisner). Can’t have a drink a Child Harold on the 8th. We will have all moukhbarat waiting for us.


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                      mukhabaret !

                      Who are they gonna take the khara-baret to on the 9th? Benflis or Sadi, and either is PERFECT for me - Military office! I am friends with them, as long as you do not show up with a lahya, they are nice, organized and helpfull - It's where I go when I need to deal with the corrupt pseudo-civilian office ! The former attache always laughs - He used to say just go and help yourself, don't even know, push the door open - If they don't like it tell them I sent you ! That made my day ! - Last I went, they had 2 young guys who seemed one chaoui another from the south but sweet and very friendly and of course NO LAHIA ! The elections guy, a Kabyle (probably Ouyahia kind !) - But you're right, let fix it via private email !



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