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  • any help is welcome

    My birth name is Lewis but was adopted. I am seeking my family in Algeria, any help would be great. My grandfather was Agusta Lewis who relocated to the U.S. around the late 1800's any more than that I do not Know.If any links on geaneology or any input would be very welcome.Please e-mail me at

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    Hey there

    I think that your best chance is to contact the Algerian Ambassy to direct you to the proper service(Archives) in Algeria or perhaps to Bordeaux in France where they manage French citizens born overseas, if the French authorities kept Algerian records when they poped up in Algeria in 1832.
    How you trace yourself back to Algeria? - Are you from Louisiana ?


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      reply to your man

      I am from Minnesota, my dad was born in MN also. As far as the rest of it, I have no idea. Thanks for the lead, it would be kinda neat to find relation in Algeria.


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        Re: reply to your man

        If your grandfather is born in algeria and he is french, you can ask the born certificate to the following adress :

        Mr le Ministre des affaires etrangeres
        Service central de l etat civil
        11 rue de la maison blanche
        44941 Nantes cedex09

        but it's absolutely neccessary you know his surname, name(s), birth date and birth place (may be with the birth certificat of your brother).

        If your father is born in France, write to the town hall of his birth place.

        In all cases, you can make this request on ligne (internet).

        Check also the web site like or contact the U.S. immigration office.

        Good luck


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