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Help looking for history on Abdelkader family!

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  • Help looking for history on Abdelkader family!

    please help me i am in the united states and just lost my grandfather herman abdelkader jr. he spoke with his doctor about coming over on a boat in the 50's or 60's not sure. he said his family was from algeria. does anybody know anything we are having the funeral friday march 18, 2005 and i would like to share some history of the family please help me!!

    thank you

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    I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

    Sorry we couldn't help before the 18th, crrellim. I will have a browse and see if I can find anything.
    Do you know if your grandad crossed over to the US directly from Algeria ? Or did he cross from Europe?

    There is a site somewhere (I will dig it out) and it lists the Ellis Island records of new arrivals.
    I can also dig out some French records for you if he crossed over from France.

    Could you supply any dates? They don't have to be exact, I can post what I find and you can see if your grandad's family are listed.

    Hope this helps


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      Hi there ,

      There is a programm at the ENTV which is the Algerian TV.their site is programm is for the people who are looking for their family.most of the time the programm is in french or english and is very popular in Algeria and can write to the site with all the informations and they gonna try to help you if you want some help for french writting you can reply to me on this forum i will do my best.good luck


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        there is actually an ice hockey player playing for detroit redwings, his name is justin abdelkader, always wondered what his origins are.


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