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Want to know more about Algerian men

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    Hi Mystery,

    I'm really sorry about your situation, but when we don't know this person we can't help you much...
    may be an honest conversation would be nice, If you want a serious relationship let him know and try to get a real and an honest answer from him...
    Try to understand why the first marriage was a mistake and what does he expect from a woman...
    It's better than to stay uncertain and get used to him and be finally disappointed....

    I hope that I helped you a little


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      salam and hye ladies

      I'm a malaysia. I've met this Algerian guy and we have been in relationship for a year. ( i mean we met face to face 5 times since we are postgraduate std in the same uni in Malaysia.) But, I find it is very difficult to discuss with him about our future since we only communicate via skype or fb even though we are in the same university. He didn't not really share what's going on with his life and what he thinks. He makes me wonder all the time. Mostly, it will lead to misunderstanding between us. Now, we are in rocky situation. He is i final semester of his mater studies. I need clarification about who am i in his life.....sometimes I feel isolated and it's hurt.


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        Originally posted by Zanariah View Post
        I hate it so much when he wants me to pay him for teaching me how to play tennis. Oh well, not just playing tennis that I have to pay but to learn his language as well!
        Hello, My husband is Algerian, and he is totally different from your friend. My husband is a pure gentleman who never let a woman pay anything or get any penny for helping her.
        If I were you, bin is the right place for your friend (the way you describe just make me smile)....


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