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  • Looking for some useful help


    i am not here to spam or spread some non sense , i do have a website and i am looking for some suggestions,recommendations,advices,help if it is possible
    my site is unique, i could create it after 1 year of ups and downs and now it is up but unfortunately , i found myself alone between fixing errors and promoting the site, it is really tough to be honest , i am hoping if someone is interested to get a spot with me to promote and expand the site, this site is a small social network , i have been trying to get some developer to work together as a team but its all about money for them , seems like nobody's ready to do a thing without asking for money in return
    i respect this wonderful place so i wont post my site but you'll find it on my page or contact me ,

    Best Regards

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    Hello my friend, I'm on web designer course at the moment using the Dreamweaver software, I'm doing the level two now so if you want me to try to give yoy hand that will be my pleasure and without reward as I believe I will already get a reward from Allah Aza wajale.

    Looking forward to hear from you very soon.



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