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    Assessments from the Economist intelligence unit:

    Algeria signed an Association Accord with the EU in December 2001 and has made clear its commitment to join the World Trade Organisation (though necessary legislation - on intellectual property rights for example - has not been passed). Membership would help bring transparency to the legal process. However, for the moment the proper enforcement of business regulations is patchy and is subject to political pressure, as well as bureaucratic inertia. Algeria's colonial history was bloody and there is perhaps a latent suspicion of foreign motives, but this is not particularly acute. This same history gave rise to a strongly statist/protectionist system of government and this mentality still informs much of the bureaucracy. Consequently, the judiciary is neither nimble nor brave (decisions are often referred upwards). Nor is it particularly well versed in more contemporary issues such as intellectual property rights. Corporate accounting practices also leave much to be desired....

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