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    The 5th MENA Development Forum launched its second day of deliberations with coverage of diverse aspects of reform, including successes and challenges and offering case studies from across the MENA region and Europe.

    Moderated by Ms. Chantale Dejou, head of the World Bank's Marseille office, the panelists took part in a session entitled Fostering Reforms: What Works and Does Not Work.

    A common thread among the reform issues discussed by the panelists is transparency, which is an integral part of any discussion involving reform. Privatization, liberalization of markets, judicial reforms, gender equality, social change and human resources were among the other recurrent themes of the plenary session.....

    .....Stating the necessity of a free economy to achieve reform, Mr. A. Taieb-Ezzrami, President, Club Entrepreneurs et Industriels de la Mitidja, presented Algeria's reform initiatives, setting priority on restoring the business environment which was rocked by political instability. Mr. Taieb-Ezzrami listed some of his country's efforts at keeping pace with the globalization trend such as Algeria's entering into a free trade agreement with the EU, its entry into the WTO as well as reforms in agriculture, industry, labor laws, investment laws and customs......

    Common threads link deliberations on the second day of the 5th MENA Development Forum