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Some statistics about jobs in Algeria

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  • Some statistics about jobs in Algeria

    From Elwatan journal
    Data by the ONS

    - Ppl jobless in DZ : 1 448 000 in septembre 2005.
    - 17.2% of them are women and the rest are men.
    - 57,7% of them live in urban environment and 42,3% in rural zones.
    - The jobless rate is 15,3%
    - 75% of the jobless are below 30 yo.
    - 74.2% of the male jobless are below 30 yo.
    - 78.6% of the female jobless are below 30 yo.
    - The singles are more hit by unemployment than married ppl.
    - Only 3.2% of unskilled ppl are jobless while the rate is 16.9% for highly educated ppl.
    - The avearge time to find a job is 29.5 months. It is 30.8 months for men and "only" 23.1 for women.

    For more information read here

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    I do beleive that those numbers are fake. Not to mention that algerian that are formally "employed" are in a way jobless if you get what I mean.

    I know someone close to the ONS cofirmed to me that in the end of the year they usually just estimate datas according to old dead statistics based on "Qallek" rulez !!


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      LOL this should be listed in Abdu's thread about funny pictures.. See how much they are updated


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        They must have fired the english section webmaster as it had only a few visitors.
        The french section last update was on 03/04/06 and the arabic one is "fi tawr al injaz"


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          You know how this kind of websites are build in DZ?
          Usually el moudir in a sahra with forgein moudirs hears that they are running websites and it's working so good so advertiser started to contact them. Then our moudirs asks the poor secretary next him to build an official website for his instituion using tools she has in the office. She can't say no of course so she makes it using MS-WORD, the next day lem3allem ..ops sorry el moudir asks for the website hosted at geocities and he goes happy telling his friends about the website. I won't tell you what he heard in the next Sahra
          In the end he told them that he has a smart nephew that could reach the latest stage in Half-Life, it was him who installed cracked windows and on all work stations in his building.. and he will give him the mission to build the succeful website et voila !!