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2,604 foreign companies are active in Algeria

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  • 2,604 foreign companies are active in Algeria

    The number of foreign companies that are officially active in Algeria is estimated at 2,604 companies, most of them are small and medium, and specialised in export, trade and services, then come companies that are working in the construction field and public projects, while the companies in the industrial sector are very few.

    The annual report of the national centre for commerce registry unveiled that 455 Syrian companies are active in Algeria as foreign companies, and these companies are working in fabric export.

    The second highest country total represented through its companies is that of France with 429 specialised companies, 16.4%, amongst them studies and technical expertise bureaux and companies for industrial equipments, especially IT and stationery products, plus banks and a few service related activities. In third place come the Chinese companies with 278 companies than the Egyptian ones with 187 companies.

    In the same context, the national centre for commerce registry counted 71 countries that own activities in Algeria, amongst them the countries mentioned above, plus Turkey, Italy, Jordan and Lebanon, most of them owning more than 100 companies in Algeria. Then Libya with 86 companies, Palestine with 76 companies, Spain with 55 , while 55 American companies are active in telecommunication and equipment export and studies bureaux in the hydrocarbon field particularly.