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Malaysia - Algeria business ties

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  • Malaysia - Algeria business ties

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 30 (Bernama) -- Malaysia External Trade Development Corp (Matrade) will organise the first specialised construction marketing missions to Algeria and Libya from June 30 till July 7.

    In a statement here, Matrade said the missions were jointly organised with the Construction Industry Development Board and Professional Services Development Corp.

    The missions will comprise six representatives from government agencies, 15 members from private sector and 13 from the construction and professional services companies.

    Matrade said the missions were aimed at exploring business opportunities and collaboration possibilities between Malaysian companies and their counterparts in the construction and professional services sector in Algeria and Libya.

    "They also intend to promote Malaysian products and services, in particular building materials, as a step to increase the economic and trade cooperation between Malaysia and the two countries.

    "The missions will also strengthen the existing business networking ties between Malaysian businessmen and their counterparts," it said.

    Matrade said the missions were critical in ensuring Malaysian companies could better leverage on the investment opportunities available in the construction sectors of both countries.

    "Among the focus of the missions are to promote the expertise of Malaysian architectural services companies in designing world-class buildings and facilities," it said.

    Currently, there are already some Malaysian companies undertaking projects in Libya on a joint-venture basis while others are in the final stages of finalising their agreements with local partners for projects in Algeria.

    In 2005, Malaysia's total trade with Algeria was valued at RM197.6 million with exports worth RM194.2 million and imports RM3.4 million.

    Major products exported to Algeria were palm oil, other vegetable/animal fats and oil, wood products, chemical and chemical products, processed food and textile and clothing.

    Trade with Libya was valued at RM103.9 million with exports at RM61.3 million and imports RM42.6 million.

    The major products exported to Libya were iron and steel, processed food, jewellery, wood products, electrical and electronic products and machinery, appliances and parts.


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    KUALA LUMPUR, July 18 (Bernama) -- Twelve Malaysian companies participating in a specialised marketing mission to Algeria and Libya have secured sales of RM58 million of construction-related services and products.

    The mission, from June 30 to July 7, was organised by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) in collaboration with the Construction Industry Development Board and the Professional Services Development Corporation.

    In a statement Tuesday, Matrade said it arranged for the Malaysian companies to meet with 37 Algerian and 31 Libyan companies.

    During the business-matching sessions, several business proposals and specific construction projects were identified and discussed.

    Several offers were made by local property developers and public housing authorities to jointly develop residential and commercial centres, universities, hospitals, schools, sport complexes, research and development centres, roads, highways and bridges, Matrade said.

    During the business seminar in Algeria, senior officials from the relevant ministries and agencies highlighted opportunities in the construction sector.

    These included the construction of 1.5 million units of houses under the social housing scheme, desalination plants to supply portable water, information and communications technology (ICT), and the township development in the Sidi Abdellah new township and cyberpark, oil and gas pipelines, hospitals and energy transmissions.

    To fund the massive infrastructure projects, the Algerian government has allocated a huge budget of US$60 billion under the Complementary Plan for Growth Support (2005-2009) programme.

    Matrade said in Libya, Malaysian companies were invited to participate in the construction of 400,000 apartments and houses in Tripoli, Benghazi and Tajura, hospitals, hotels, tourism complexes, water treatments plants and other infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways and roads.

    It added that the Libyan government has allocated over US$20 billion to fund new housing and residential projects, commercial complexes, public amenities and infrastructure as part of its social programme to improve the country's standard of living.

    Malaysian companies pursuing projects in Algeria and Libya


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      Malaysia's Malakoff bags US$238m Algeria deal

      MALAKOFF Bhd has secured a US$238 million (RM866.32 million) seawater desalination project in Algeria, its first water business foray into this north African state.

      Subsidiary, Malakoff International Ltd (MIL) has teamed up with Spring Utility Ltd (SUL), a subsidiary of Singapore's Hyflux Ltd, to form a consortium with the former holding an 80 per cent interest.

      Together, the two companies will hold a 51 per cent interest in the project, while the remainder will be held by Algeria's state-owned company in charge of the country's power and water privatisation process, the Algerian Energy Co (AEC).

      Malakoff's investment in the project is estimated at US$19.42 million (RM70.69 million), based on MIL's 40.8 per cent effective equity interest in the project.

      Malakoff told Bursa Malaysia in a filing yesterday that the letter of award from AEC covers the development, construction and operation of a seawater desalination plant in Souk Tleta, Wilaya of Tlemcen, Algeria.

      It added that the project will involve the design, development, engineering, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the plant using reverse osmosis technology with an installed capacity of 200,000 cu m per day of marketable drinking water.

      The concession period is for 25 years with the right to supply the water to L'Algerienne Des Eaux, the state-owned national public water entity of Algeria and Sonatrach SPA, the national oil company of Algeria.

      Malakoff added that the construction period is expected to take some 24 months. It also said that the project will be financed by a group of Algerian banks.

      Malakoff said as a group it will continue to develop and expand its presence in water and power-related business overseas and its entry into Algeria will be a platform for it to mark its presence in the utilities sector there.

      Malakoff bags US$238m Algeria deal


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        KUALA LUMPUR, January 17, 2008: MMC Corporation Bhd achieved financial close on January 15 for its development, construction and operations of a seawater desalination plant in Algeria following its successful financing from Banque Nationale d’ Algerie.

        MMC said yesterday the project marked MMC group’s entry into the water desalination business in Algeria and was in line with its strategy to develop and expand its presence in water and power-related businesses abroad.

        The project in Souk Tleta, Wilaya of Tlemcen, would be developed by Almiyah Attilemcania SPA (AAS).

        AAS is 51% owned by Tlemcen Desalination Investment Company SAS (TDIC) with the remaining 49% held by Algerian Energy Company SPA MenaSpring Utility (S) Pte Ltd, a unit of Hyflux Ltd.

        TDIC is a 70% subsidiary of Malakoff AIDjazir Desal Sdn Bhd, which is a unit of Malakoff Corporation Bhd. Singapore holds the balance 30% interest in TDIC.

        “The plant will be operated and maintained by Hyflux-TJSB Algeria SPA in which Malakoff and Hyflux, through their respective wholly owned subsidiaries hold 49% and 51% equity interest,” said the statement.


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          Jeudi 22 mai 2008 -- La délégation algérienne conduite par M. Boudjemaâ Haïchour, ministre de la Poste et des Technologies de l'information et de la communication, a pris part aux travaux du 16e congrès mondial sur les technologies de l'information qui se déroule du 18 au 22 mai * Kuala Lumpur. Au cours de son séjour, la délégation algérienne a participé aux différentes manifestations organisées en présence de l'ambassadeur d'Algérie en Malaisie, M. Amar Bilani. En effet, la cérémonie d'ouverture du congrès rehaussée par la présence de nombreux ministres et plus de 5.000 délégués représentant plus de 80 pays, a permis au premier ministre Malaisien et au secrétaire générale de l'Union internationale des télécommunications UIT de situer les objectifs assignés * cette grande manifestation technologique. Il est utile de noter que les thèmes abordés lors des travaux ont porté sur le développement stratégique de l'innovation, de la recherche, de la lutte contre la cybercriminalité et le cyberterrorisme, qui ont fait l'objet de passionnants débats au sein du premier panel ministériel du partenariat international multilatéral de lutte contre le cyberterrorisme Impact. Durant cette manifestation, la délégation algérienne a eu des entretiens avec le ministre malais de la Science, de la Technologie et de l'Innovation, M. Maximus Ongkili, durant lesquels Boudjemaâ Haïchour a exposé l'expérience algérienne des TIC, rappelant que les réformes initiées par le président Abdelaziz Bouteflika ont engagé notre pays dans la voie de la révolution technologique et numérique.

          A noter que l'effort de développement de l'Internet, de la téléphonie mobile et fixe, le réseautage en fibre optique et faisceaux hertziens ainsi que la réalisation de l'autoroute des télécommunications réseau multiservices RMS ont suscité beaucoup d'intérêt, notamment la connexion des 1.541 commune * l'ADSL haut débit. Les membres de la délégation ont également été reçus par le ministre malais de l'Energie, des Eaux et des Communications, Dato Shaziman Bin Abu Mansour, qui a manifesté son intérêt pour la spectaculaire avancée de notre pays dans le domaine de la poste et des TIC, notamment l'effort de développement et de modernisation des bureaux de poste et l'introduction de la monétique au niveau des 3.300 établissements postaux. Des échanges de vue ont permis de tirer les enseignements des expériences des deux pays. Il va sans dire que la Malaisie a réalisé le Multimédia super corridor MSC, qui constitue le fleuron des innovations technologiques en Malaisie. Par ailleurs, les deux parties ont convenu de mettre en place un groupe de travail pour évaluer les possibilités d'investissement en matière de recherche et de développement des entreprise malaises en Algérie, notamment le rapprochement du multimédia super corridor avec le cyberparc de Sidi Abdellah afin d'établir un partenariat solide et durable en matière de contenus et de fabrication de logiciels.


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            Christine Lim:

            KUALA LUMPUR, April 29, 2009 (Bernama) -- The Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) will focus on marketing missions to emerging markets in Asean, West Asia, China, Central Asia and Latin America this year to ensure a stronger presence for the services and manufacturing sectors.

            The senior director of MATRADE'S product and services development division, Susila Devi said despite the current weak global economic outlook, there was still potential for products like processed food, medical devices, automotive components and services in different market segments in the world.

            "Each market has a different potential.In the services sector for example for the Middle East and Africa, we are targeting information and communications technology (ICT), construction and the oil and gas sectors.

            "The focus is on the healthcare sector in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia," Susila told Bernama in an interview recently.

            "Not many Malaysian companies have ventured into Algeria's construction market. Through MATRADE's recent marketing mission to Algeria, the country's vast potential in the construction sector was identified," she said.

            She also said during the marketing mission to Algeria in February this year, MATRADE met with government agencies in the housing department to discuss potential projects.

            "We cannot beat the Chinese contractors who are much cheaper. But we can venture into the Algerian market with more value added services," she added.

            Susila highlighted that Malaysian consultants and contractors can offer the Industrial Building System (IBS) using prefabricated components as well as the earthquake protection systems.

            Algeria is the second largest country in Africa. It has the largest gas reserves in the world. It enjoys a dominant position as a premier producer and exporter of oil and natural gas.

            Besides construction, Susila said, there were also opportunities in Algeria for various sectors, namely ICT, pharmaceuticals, food processing, petrochemicals, plastics and building materials.

            "Malaysian services companies have a good track record in undertaking projects in Middle East and are thus in a stronger position to bid for jobs in Algeria," she said.

            Besides construction, MATRADE's is also eyeing the oil and gas sector with a marketing mission to the upcoming Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, the United States, from May 4 to May 7.

            "The oil and gas sector is one that is not adversely affected by the global economic downturn. Malaysian companies have the expertise to undertake jobs in oil and gas upstream activities, including the construction of offshore platforms and the maintenance of rigs," she said.

            In the services industry, she said the other areas that had opportunities for Malaysian companies particularly in the Middle East market, are wastewater treatment, urban planning, architectural designs and construction of shopping malls, schools, hospitals and houses.

            "Following the recent Malaysia Services Exhibition (MSE) 2009 in Dubai, we had identified these projects which need follow-up to realise the business potential," she added.

            The MSE 2009, showcased the capabilities of Malaysian services-based companies.

            The other potential projects identified during the MSE 2009, included the design of conceptual presentation for an architecture competition in Jeddah, construction of Sudan Refugee homes and low cost homes in Africa along with airport hangars, ship hull oil field services, medical and aesthetic packages in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

            "In total we identified RM8.47 billion in potential projects from the MSE 2009," she said.

            According to Susila, during the MSE 2009, MATRADE's trade commissioners from Jeddah, Cairo, Johannesburg and Nairobi also brought potential clients sourcing for services providers in construction and related works.

            MSE 2009 also saw individual business meetings with potential clients on the possibility of Malaysian companies participating in the architectural conceptual design of integrated development projects for commercial, hotels and entertainment in Saudi Arabia, the construction of office and commercial buildings projects in Syria, road construction in Zambia, master planning, landscape design and interior design for a housing estate in Ethiopia, the construction and engineering of Port Infrastructure in Kenya, the master planning, landscape design and interior design for a beach resort in Mombasa and the furnishing of a shopping mall in Medina.

            Apart from the services sector missions, MATRADE is also targeting the export of products to specific regions.

            "For instance in Latin America, there is still potential for the export of medical devices," Susila said.

            A medical disposables marketing mission was organised by MATRADE from March 25-April 3 to Chile and Brazil to tap the opportunities available for Malaysian exporters in these emerging markets.

            Among the products promoted during the mission were catheters, examination gloves, first aid kits, disposalable syringes, probe covers and latex condoms.

            Mission members reported a cumulative potential sales of RM11.6 million, as a result of participation in the mission.

            "We will also be targeting automotive parts and components in India during a planned specialised marketing mission there as well as furniture products to Russia," she said.

            Susila urged Malaysian companies in both the services and product sectors to participate in the marketing missions to expand their export markets.

            Details of the programme for these marketing missions are available on MATRADE's website at MATRADE's Official Portal


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              Jeudi 1 Avril 2010 -- Son excellence l'ambassadeur de Malaisie, accompagné de son épouse, a effectué mardi une visite d'exploration dans la capitale des Hauts plateaux de l'Ouest où il a pu prendre connaissance des différentes opportunités d'investissements offertes par une région en plein essor de développement. En effet, accompagné du wali de la wilaya et de responsables locaux, le diplomate malaisien s'est baladé * l'intérieur du haras national de Chaouchaoua, un site historique et touristique datant de 1877 et classé patrimoine historique. Au sein de ce magnifique site touristique, il a pu apprécier la grâce et la fière allure du cheval pur sang arabe mais aussi du très résistant arabe barbe. L'hôte de la wilaya s'est ensuite rendu dans la daïra de Medroussa où il a marqué une longue halte au niveau des monuments funéraires de Lejjedar, l'un des meilleurs sites historiques et archéologiques de la wilaya. À l'issue de sa visite dans la wilaya, son excellence l'ambassadeur de Malaisie a montré le vif intéressement de son pays pour investir dans un créneau aussi porteur que l'écotourisme et l'agriculture.


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                KUALA LUMPUR, February 25, 2011 (Bernama) -- Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, will lead a trade and investment mission to Algiers, Algeria from February 26 until March 4, 2011. In a statement Friday, the ministry said the mission aimed to foster closer bilateral ties with the Algerian public and private sectors and to update the business community in the country on the current economic situation as well as trade and investment opportunities in Malaysia. It said the 27-member mission would promote Malaysia's products and services as well as strengthen business networking between Malaysian businesses and their Algerian counterparts. The ministry said a seminar on "Malaysia-Algeria business opportunities" would be held, involving private sectors from both countries. Business-matching sessions had been lined up for the delegation members to interact with the private sector in Algeria, it said. Algeria is Malaysia's 12th largest trading partner in Africa. Malaysia's trade with Algeria expanded over six-fold from US$24.96 million (US$1=RM3.02) in 2000 to US$158.20 million in 2010. In 2010, Algeria was Malaysia's sixth largest export market in Africa. Malaysia's major exports to Algeria in 2010 were processed food (24.9 per cent), electrical and electronic products (16.5 per cent), palm oil (14.1 per cent), other vegetable oil (12.8 per cent) and wood products (12.2 per cent).