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Iran - Algeria business ties

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  • Iran - Algeria business ties

    Iran’s specialized exhibition opened in Algeria yesterday to introduce the country’s industrial and economic capabilities as well as the technical and engineering services.

    At the inaugural ceremony, the governor-general of northeastern Khorasan Razavi Province Mohammad-Javad Mohammadizadeh referred to the last year visit of the Algerian and Khorasani trade delegations during which they agreed on holding such exhibitions.

    “Holding this five-day exhibition as a part of the previously signed agreement is indicative of the serious will of the Iranian and Algerian governments on paving political, economic, and cultural grounds to firm the mutual ties which are deep-rooted due to the religious and cultural commonalities,” he expressed.

    He went on to say, economic and industrial cooperation boosts promotion of the whole bilateral ties coupled with optimal use of the mutual political, cultural, and economic capacities.

    “By holding this exhibition, we have attempted to show Iran’s readiness to cooperate with the Algerian nation to achieve a bright future in expansion of ties,” Mohammadizadeh concluded.

    Iran’s solo exhibition opens in Algeria

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    Algeria's Labor Party voices strong solidarity with Iran


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      Head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM) Ali Naqi Khamoushi said on Thursday that since there are suitable grounds for expansion of economic cooperation and investment opportunities in Algeria, both countries should assume a much more active role in economy and industry sectors.

      In a exclusive interview with IRNA in Algiers, he said "I would like to invite all Iranian businessmen and industrialists to seize existing opportunities to promote trade exchange between the two countries."
      The two sides are now holding negotiations at various levels which should be accelerated, he underlined.

      Any failure to take immediate action to this end would result in losing a very potential market, he said.

      A high ranking Iranian delegation has arrived in Algiers to attend Iran's first international trade fair in Algeria.

      Some 50 Iranian companies are displaying various products in auto industry, agricultural machinery, cement, petrochemical, oil and gas industries, industrial tools, stone industry, household appliances, hand-woven and machine-made carpets and foodstuffs during the five day event (May 2-6).....

      Khamoushi calls for increase in Tehran-Algiers trade exchange


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        Iran, Algeria FMs stress expansion of ties

        The foreign ministers of Iran and Algeria on Tuesday called for bolstering of bilateral relations in trade and other economic fields given their enormous joint potential.

        Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki met with his Algerian counterpart, Mohamed Bedjaoui, on the sidelines of the foreign ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) which kicked off Monday morning at the International Convention Center in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

        The two sides praised the current level of political ties between Tehran and Algiers, and said deep-rooted ties and commonalties between the two countries highlight the significance of their expanding economic relations.

        Bedjaoui said the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be among participants at an upcoming summit of member states of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) slated to be held in Gambia in August, and called for preparations to be made for a meeting between the Iranian president and his Algerian counterpart, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, to be held on the sidelines of the summit.

        Iran has a supervisory chair at the OAU.

        The NAM foreign ministerial meeting is scheduled to wrap up its work Tuesday evening with the issuance of a statement.



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          Iran exports Peugeot 206 sedan to Algeria

          TEHRAN, June 30 (ISNA)-Iran plans to launch its Peugeot 206 sedan export to Turkey, Algeria and Russia from August.

          According to Iran Khodro, at the first stage nine hundred 206 sedans are to be exported to the Turkey, Algeria and Russian markets. This figure is to reach 10 thousand within a year.

          This Iranian company hopes to enter half of the 39 worldwide markets available for this vehicle by the end of the year.

          This is while Peugeot has faced a dilemma regarding this matter. Some in this company agree with Iran's export of this product and some do not, but Iran has strongly announced that it is serious and if Peugeot does not cooperate it will do it itself.


          Some 400 Samands will also be exported to Algeria within the next 15 days.

          IKCO announces Samand export prices


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            Algeria calls for Iran investment in growing economy

            TEHRAN, Sept. 18 (MNA) – To further promote and encourage Iranian investment in Algeria, the Algerian Minister of Industries and Commerce met with a number of Iranian entrepreneurs and members of Iran-Algeria Joint Economic Committee in Iran Chamber of Commerce on Monday, the Persian service of ISNA reported.

            Heading a trade delegation to Tehran, Mahmoud Khoudri elaborated on laws and regulations governing foreign investment in Algeria and emphasized that unique opportunities such as exemption from customs and equipment import duties, value added tax exemption and transfer of ownership are awaiting the investors.

            “Plans to construct two million residential units, 30 large dams, water conduits, new railroads going through mountainous regions and freeways have turned the country into a huge industrial shop which is in need of foreign capital particularly that of Iranian,” he noted, adding the said projects are estimated at 80 billion dollars total.

            Referring to the great potentials offered by pharmaceutical sector for foreign ventures, the minister recounted that Algeria imports 70% of its required medicines at the cost of $1b and the rest rests with 54 state-owned companies. Auto, construction and food imports were also in Khoudri’s list, taking away well over $7b worth of revenues.

            In continuation, he called for increased trade between the two nations and considered the current $6m annual exchange regrettable.

            The head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Alinaqi Khamushi, also voiced his concern over the trade figure and said, “Despite recent talks in various investment fields between the two countries, the trade volume has yet to realize its actual size.”

            Algeria calls for Iran investment in growing economy


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              TEHRAN, Sept. 18--Chairman of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM) has called for expanding economic ties between Iran and Algeria so that the two states can become the hub of markets in Islamic countries, ILNA reported here Monday.

              Speaking at the Iran-Algeria Trade Seminar, Seyyed Alinaqi Khamoushi declared that the Fourth Five-Year Plan (2005-2010) has envisaged an eight-percent growth rate in gross domestic product (GDP) and an average 12.7-percent growth rate in investment, adding that the general policies of the country has targeted economic transparency and competitiveness.

              "The 2005 economic indices recorded a GDP of $181 billion and trade exchanges of $98 billion for Iran," he said, adding that the volume of imports and exports stood at $42.5 billion and $55.5 billion respectively.
              Referring to Article 44 of the Constitution, he clarified that under the article, the private sector will invest in projects previously implemented by the government.

              Iran and Algeria set up a joint trade council to pave the way for more concentrated economic activities, he said, urging Iranian and Algerian chambers of commerce to introduce their potentials to each other, and thus improve trade relations and exchanges.

              "Organizing exclusive exhibitions as well as participating in international and specialized exhibitions plays an important role in introducing the potentials and capabilities of the two states," he said.

              Khamoushi called for making Iran-Algeria trade center operational, adding that the said center will serve as a focus for attracting investments and exporting goods plus techno-engineering services to each side.

              Iran-Algeria trade seminar underway


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                TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran's first Vice-President Parviz Dawoodi stressed that development of ties with Islamic states, including Algeria, sets a priority for his country's foreign policy.

                According to a statement released by the Presidential Press Office, Dawoodi made the remarks in a meeting with Algerian Minister of Industries Mahmoud Khoudri Monday night.

                During the meeting, the Iranian first Vice-President noted the two countries' historical and cultural commonalities and stressed the need for the promotion of ties and transfer of experiences.

                He stated that further expansion of Iran-Algeria relations requires activation of a joint commission and adoption of the necessary measures for the removal of administrative barriers in the way of the development of the two countries' ties.

                Dawoodi mentioned that the volume of Iran-Algeria trade exchanges has amounted to $20 billion in 2005, and saying that the two sides can raise the figure through an identification of their potentials, he called on the two countries' officials to pave the required grounds to serve the purpose.

                He further viewed industrial, developmental, oil and gas, road and railway, housing, steel and service sectors as proper grounds for the two states' cooperation and, referring to the progress of the Iranian experts and engineers and the prizes and awards they have received for their excellent performances in some other countries, he reminded that Iranian expert forces are now providing excellent services to many Muslim states and that they could prepare desirable cooperation grounds through continued activity in Algeria.

                The senior official said that establishment of the branch of an Iranian bank in Algeria to facilitate handling of financial affairs, the start of direct flights between Iran and Algeria and the construction of industrial districts or free zones all will play an influential role in the speedy launching of joint industrial activities.

                Reminding that Iran stands third among the world dam-builders due to the high potentials of its engineers, he voiced his country's preparedness to develop cooperation and transfer experiences to Algeria in areas of dam-construction and transfer of power lines.

                For his part, Algerian Minister of Industries Mahmoud Khoudri noted Iran's top and unique role in the face of regional and international issues and the high potentials of the Iranian engineers and experts, specially in industrial grounds, and called for the transfer of Iran's experiences to his country in all the various spheres, industrial areas in particular.

                The official further voiced Algeria's support for Iran's legitimate right to access peaceful nuclear technology and praised the well-principled and stable stances of the Iranian nation and government on the acquisition of the nuclear technology.

                To conclude his remarks, he reiterated that the Algerian government and nation will always extend support to Iran in dealing with all the different issues.

                Vice-President stresses Iran's readiness to transfer experiences to Algeria


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                  Tehran, Sept 20, IRNA - - Iran and Algeria signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the standard institutes of the two countries.

                  A report released by the Public Relations Department of Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran said that the document was signed by the Algerian Minister of Industries Mahmoud Khoudri and the head of Iranian institute, Ali-Asghar Tofiq.

                  According to the MoU, the two sides agreed to broaden their cooperation in the fields of standard and metallurgy, exchange of information and publishing, quality control and technical inspection systems as well as holding joint conferences.

                  At the meeting, Tofiq pointed to potentials of Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran and said that 8,000 cases of standards have so long been registered at the institute and that 1,000 standards are annually added to the list.

                  "Several training courses have been held at the institute for experts from other countries and it is prepared to arrange similar programs for Algerian specialists," he added.

                  For his part, Khoudri said that in this era of globalization, standardization is a must.

                  "Besides, standardization is direly needed for advancement of the goals set in industries," he added.

                  The minister said that the main obstacles encountered on the way of industries in this regard have been lifted, adding that just a small portion of standardization laws and regulations remain to be revised.

                  The Algerian minister along with his accompanying delegation toured various sections of Karaj-based the Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran.

                  Iran, Algeria sign MoU on standards


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                    TEHRAN, Sept. 22 (MNA) – Iran’s exports to Algeria in the past year, stood at between $6m-$10m, the figure is expected to hit around $20 million in the current year (started March 21, 2006).

                    “Launching auto manufacturing industries, both light and heavy vehicles, building cement production plants, producing train carriages in Algeria by Iran are among the major projects development of which is high on our agenda”, noted Minister of the Industries and Mines Alireza Tahmasbi.

                    In addition to these projects, Iran is also able to build a steel production plant with a production capacity of up to 800,000 tons to one million tons in Algeria, ISNA quoted the Iranian minister as saying on Friday.

                    Political relations between Iran and Algeria stand at a good level and it has been decided that the two nations’ trade relations also grow accordingly, the minister told reporters at the sidelines of his visit with his Algerian counterpart.

                    The presence of Iranian craftsmen in Algeria’s industries will pave the way for their further presence in Europe’s export markets, Tahmasbi told the reporters.

                    Iran’s exports to Algeria to hit $20m


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                      Iran, Algeria business ties

                      Algiers, Feb 8, IRNA - - Iran's Ambassador to Algiers Hossein Abdi Bayaneh conferred here Thursday with the Algerian Finance Minister Mourad Medelci on removal of double-taxation agreements between the two countries.

                      At the meeting, the two sides also discussed expansion of economic cooperation and enhancing the current level of economic ties in line with good political relations between the two countries.

                      The Algerian minister expressed satisfaction with the current level of regional and international cooperation between the two countries.

                      Oil, gas and housing are among significant sectors in Algerian economy, he said and invited the Iranian investors to invest in the country.

                      Agreement on removal of double taxation between Iran and Algeria could help promote investment opportunities by Iranian investors in the country, he said.

                      The Iranian ambassador, for his part, called for expansion of economic relations between Iran and Algeria as among top priority.

                      Iran underlines the need to further bolster and broaden economic relations in line with the expansion of political ties between the two sides, he said.

                      Expansion of banking cooperation and promotion of investment opportunities by Iranian businessmen are among Iran's priorities, he pointed out.

                      Iran, Algeria to agree on removal of double taxation


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                        TEHRAN – A meeting of Iranian and Algerian businessmen and trade officials was held in the Algerian capital on Monday, IRNA reported.

                        The two sides discussed the possibility of increasing ties, especially in agriculture, dam, road and cement plant construction, car production and airport construction. An official from Algeria’s National Export Promotion and Consultation Committee, who was present at meeting, said that his country has a master investment attraction plan, which includes 140 billion dollars of investment by the governmental sector, adding that Algeria is rapidly adopting free market economy strategies. The 25-member visiting Iranian delegation, which started its North African tour in Morocco last week, is due to leave Algiers for Tunisia in the next few days.

                        Iranian, Algerian businessmen explore new avenues for cooperation


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                          30 April 2007 -- The Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives is to hold a five-day exhibition of Iranian-made goods and services in the Algerian capital this week.

                          The Ministry of Commerce had earlier this year obtained the license for holding the fair from the relevant Algerian authorities.

                          Thirty five Iranian companies will put on display their products, including medical equipments, cars and industrial machinery, transit services, Persian carpets and dried fruits as well as technical and engineering services, at the exhibition, which is to kick off on Wednesday.

                          Iranian and Algerian businessmen along with a group of officials from the Algiers-based embassies are expected to attend the fair.

                          Iran's trade fair to open in Algeria


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                            Tehran, April 30, IRNA -- Iran's exclusive industrial exhibit is underway in the Algerian capital with the presence of more than 35 Iranian companies from April 29-May 6.

                            The exhibition, sponsored by Iran Chamber of Cooperatives, is in line with an agreement signed by Iran and Algeria during the Algiers International trade fair.

                            Industrial machinery, autos, services, transit hardware, handwoven carpets and rugs, dried fruits, hospital instruments, design and manufacturing elevators, technical and engineering services and stone cracker machines are part of products on display in the exhibition.

                            Some high ranking Algerian officials and foreign diplomats, local traders and businessmen and Iranian officials are scheduled to visit the exhibition.


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                              Jeudi 3 mai 2007 -- L’Algérie et l’Iran souhaiteraient renforcer leur coopération dans le secteur industriel, notamment celui de l’automobile. «L’industrie automobile iranienne est en plein essor et ce pays pourrait créer des usines de montage en partenariat avec des sociétés algériennes pour le marché local», a déclaré, hier, le président de la Chambre algérienne du commerce et de l’industrie (CACI), M. Brahim Bendjabber, en marge du Salon iranien de l’industrie et de l’artisanat qui se déroule du 2 au 7 mai au Palais des exposition des Pins Maritimes (SAFEX).

                              M. Bendjabber a estimé que la délocalisation serait rentable pour les deux parties : «Elle permettra * l’Iran de bénéficier des abaissements tarifaires et de pénétrer le marché algérien, un marché potentiel qui importe plus de 200 000 véhicules par an, et * l’Algérie de créer des emplois.» Le représentant du constructeur automobile Saipa, nouvellement installé en Algérie, a affirmé, pour sa part, qu’il compte, dans un premier temps, commercialiser les véhicules iraniens tout en évaluant le marché algérien avant de penser * la délocalisation.

                              Les Iraniens seraient par ailleurs intéressés par le projet Fatia de Tiaret, * l’arrêt depuis le départ du partenaire italien en 1998, a révélé une source proche du ministère de l’Industrie, qui précise toutefois que les discussions avec la partie algérienne n’ont pas abouti.

                              Le secteur automobile en Iran, qui possède une grande infrastructure de sous-traitance, est dominé par deux constructeurs publics, Iran Khodro et Saipa qui travaillent en partenariat avec les grands constructeurs français Renault et Peugeot pour les véhicules particuliers et Mercedes pour ceux industriels (camions, autocars et tracteurs routiers).

                              Outre l’investissement dans l’industrie automobile en Algérie, les Iraniens veulent également se lancer dans l’industrie du ciment et projettent de monter une usine dans la région des Hauts Plateaux, a affirmé la même source. Globalement, les investissements iraniens en Algérie n’excèdent pas un million de dollars.

                              Quant * leurs échanges commerciaux, ils ont totalisé un montant négligeable de 10 millions de dollars en 2006. Un résultat qui reste très en deç* des potentialités de partenariat existantes entre les deux parties, juge-t-on. Pour favoriser le flux commercial, les Iraniens souhaitent ouvrir une ligne maritime entre le port Bandar Abbas et celui de Djendjen, affirme notre source.

                              Pour rappel, un comité de suivi et d’évaluation de la coopération industrielle algéro-iranienne a été installé suite * l’accord de coopération industrielle économique signé lors de la visite du président de la République, M. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, en Iran en 2003.

                              Le Salon iranien de l’industrie et de l’artisanat, qui a une approche commerciale, permet néanmoins de renforcer la coopération et le partenariat économique entre les deux pays, selon le président de la CACI, qui a affirmé que 46 sociétés de différents domaines, notamment l’automobile, les machines agricoles, la pneumatique, les pièces détachées, les panneaux électroniques et les produits chimiques (détergents), sont présentes en Algérie.