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International business - Algeria-Canada links?

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  • International business - Algeria-Canada links?

    Salams everyone,

    I am a student from Canada and I am studying the country of Algeria for an assignment. I will be researching the relationship between Canada and Algeria. For a section of my assignment I will have to obtain information on Algeria's competitive advantage. This advantage may be comparative or absolute.

    Some questions I wish to be answered are as follows:

    1. Does Algeria have resources that can be found only there, and are found in large quantity and of high quality?

    2. Are there any popular products that are to an advantage to the Algerian industry?

    3. Would labour be less expensive, making it efficient for a Canadian firm to build a plant in or source exports from Algeria?

    If anyone has any knowledge on the above topic please provide information. It will be highly appreciated.

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    salam wa mar7aba

    1. Algerians

    2. Algeria has major oil and gas reserves, as well as various valuable mineral resources.

    3. Unemployment is said to be running at some 70% among people under 30

    The non-hydrocarbons export sector is weak.

    Algeria has existing business ties with Canada, e.g. with First Calgary Petroleum, there is a liquefied natural gas port project at Rabaska, Quebec, which aims at importing Algerian LNG, there is a Canadian/Algerian mining venture underway, Bombardier make planes for Tassali Airlines, there is Canadian involvement in desalination plants in Algeria and in the overseeing of the new Great Mosque of Algiers project etc. Recently there was a controversial episode concerning the importation of Canadian potatoes to Algeria.

    Take a long look through this section and the 'Energy thread' in current events to find details of existing Canadian connections, you should be able to pick up a lot of information and then come back with a refined set of questions.

    Good luck.


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      JazakAllah for the information.

      Yes, if anyone has links please do post. I actually had to write letters to Ambassadors of Algeria...but I still have not recieved a reply. I will have more questions in the future for other tasks.