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Serbia - Algeria business ties

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  • Serbia - Algeria business ties

    September 3, 2009 -- Leading Serbian engineering group Energoprojekt said its companies have signed agreements worth US$ 8.6 million with partners from Algeria, Peru and UAE. In Algeria, Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjering Consulting Engineers Co. Ltd. will provide consulting services to the consortium of French companies Koin Belie and Safage, for the construction of three dams and two pipeline networks in Algeria’s Setif province. The contract is worth US$ 1.9 million, the company said in a statement. As consultant to German company Lamajer, Energoprojekt signed a US$ 1.8 million contract for the supervision of the second phase of reconstruction of a hydropower plant in Machu Picchu, Peru. Sister company, Energoprojekt Entel Consulting Engineers Co. Ltd., signed a US$ 4.9 million consultancy agreement with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority regarding the installation of 400 kv reactor stations for Dubai’s transmission network. Energoproject Holding ( is one of Serbia’s biggest construction, engineering and consulting companies. Listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, it groups 18 firms in the country and 40 companies or joint ventures abroad.

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    November 10, 2009 -- Algerian Ambassador to Belgrade Abdelkader Mesdoua said that economic cooperation between Serbia and Algeria is on a high level although there is potential to increase the commodity exchange between the two countries. In a presentation “Algeria – a Market for Serbian Businessmen” held at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, he expressed hope that a meeting of a joint group on November 16 and 17 will mark the beginning of a new strengthening of bilateral relations. He stated that the participation of Serbian companies at an international fair in Algeria in May 2010 will help promote the economic cooperation of the two countries. Speaking about Algeria's economy, which has more than 35 million inhabitants, Mesdoua said that the country's economic growth this year will be 3%, while according to the estimates of the International Monetary Fund, in 2010 the growth will be 9%. According to data of the World Trade Organisation, in 2008 Algeria was ranked 56th among the world's exporters and 42nd among the world's importers.

    Algerian market consultant Agoun Abdenour said that the total volume of Algeria’s imports stands at $45 billion annually, while in 2008 the value of only food and agricultural imports stood at nearly $8 billion. Abdenour said that the Algerian agriculture and food sector presents opportunities for Serbian producers, as Algeria imports 70% of its food stocks. He said that Algeria is one of the world’s top importers of wheat, milk powder, dairy products and nuts, adding that it also imports fruits, vegetables, meat, freshwater fish, juice, honey, confectionary products. He said that Serbian agricultural machinery manufacturers, producers of furniture, timber and building materials and pharmaceutical companies could also place their products on the Algerian market. Abdenour said that Serbian businesses could also benefit from the opportunities presented by Algeria’s $150 billion, five year development programme lasting up until 2013, which envisages the construction of a million flats, ten dams, a 1,200 kilometres long motorway and a facility for producing distilled water.


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      November 16, 2009 -- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic will meet with Algerian Minister of Water Resources Abdelmalek Sellal on November 16 at 10 am, at the Serbian Government Palace, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 2, Belgrade Hall. Dinkic and Sellal will speak at the plenary session of the Serbian-Algerian Mixed Committee at 10:30 am, which will also be attended by representatives and businessmen from both countries.


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        BELGRADE, November 16, 2009 -- Serbian companies are interested in taking part in big projects in Algeria, Minister of Economy Mlađan Dinkić says. He spoke during a session of the Serbian-Algerian Mixed Committee, and referred to north African country's five year development program worth US$150 billion. The committee met in Belgrade after almost 20 years. Algerian Minister of Water Resources Abdelmalek Sellal called on the Serbian companies to take part in the projects envisaged by the five year plan of Algeria's development, particularly in agriculture, public works and high-rise building construction. Dinkić said that political relations between the two countries are excellent, but that they are not accompanied by a good economic cooperation, which is shown by the realized trade of only US$10 million. "This is far less than the volume of trade which was realized in the eighties of the last century, and which exceeded US$500 million," Dinkić underscored. The Algerian minister agreed with Dinkić, by saying that the trade volume is small and that the economic cooperation should be improved. According to Sellal, there are numerous areas for cooperation in infrastructural projects such as water management and high-rise building construction, and there is potential for cooperation in pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, tourism, energy and military industry.


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          November 17, 2009 -- Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic and Algerian Minister of Water Resources Abdelmalek Sellal will attend the beginning of construction of the new Algerian embassy on November 17 at 4 pm, Maglajska 26 b, Belgrade. The two ministers will sign a protocol from the session of the Serbian-Algerian Mixed Committee at 5 pm, at the Deputies' Club, Tolstojeva 2.


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            January 29, 2010 -- During the first nine months of 2009 Serbia imported goods from Algeria to the value of € 55,000 and exported goods to the value of € 14.5 million. According to data from the Directorate of Bilateral Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia (MIP) only helium gas was imported. Deputy Director of the Directorate of Bilateral Economic Cooperation Radoslav Jankovic said that Serbia's trade balance with Algeria is in constant surplus, as in the period between January and November 2009 Serbia exported goods to the value of € 14.49 million. Serbian companies present in Algeria include the pharmaceutical company Hemofarm and the civil engineering and contracting company Energoprojekt, which found the right business model - partnership with Algerian companies.

            At a meeting of experts on the commercial potentials of African countries at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Jankovic encouraged Serbian companies to enter into cooperation with companies from Algeria and get acquainted with the Algerian trade regulations, according to which 70 percent of the capital in foreign trade partnership belongs to the foreign and 30 percent to the domestic company. The Serbian economy has great potential for access to the Algerian market, Algerian Ambassador to Serbia Abdelkader Mesdoua underscored. The ambassador said that Algeria is a politically stable country nowadays, and that it has the potential for further economic growth.


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              Hakim Arous :

              Mardi 2 Mars 2010 -- Une délégation de ministres et de chefs d'entreprises serbes entame aujourd'hui une visite officielle de deux jours * Alger. Les ministres de l'Economie, de la Défense et de la Jeunesse et des Sports, feront notamment partie de cette délégation, ainsi qu'une soixantaine de chefs d'entreprises des secteurs de l'armement, du BTP, de l'eau, de l'énergie, de l'agroalimentaire et de l'industrie pharmaceutique. Le ministre serbe de l'Economie, Mladan Dinkic doit rencontrer le premier ministre Ahmed Ouyahia et les ministres des ressources en eau, des travaux publics, de l'Energie et des Mines, de la Santé et de l'Agriculture. Au menu de ces discussions, la coopération bilatérale notamment militaire et les perspectives commerciales entre les deux pays. À noter que cette visite intervient en marge du match amical entre les équipes nationales de football Algérie-Serbie, demain mercredi au stade du 5 juillet.


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                BELGRADE, March 2, 2010 -- A Serbian state and economic delegation, led by Economy Minister Mlađan Dinkić, is to visit Algeria March 2 to 4. The Serbian delegation will also include Defense Minister Dragan *utanovac, Youth and Sports Minister Snežana Samardžić-Marković, National Bank of Serbia Governor Radovan Jelašić, and representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Investment and Export Promotion Agency, the Export Credit and Insurance Agency and the Komercijalna Bank.

                Around 60 representatives of leading domestic companies from the military industry, construction, water management, the pharmaceutical industry, energy, the food industry and furniture production will also be on the trip to Algeria. Dinkić is to meet with Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and have separate talks with the country's ministers for water resources, public works, energy and mining, health care and agriculture.

                *utanovac will discuss improving bilateral military cooperation in Algeria, while Samardžić-Marković and Jelašić will have separate meetings with their Algerian counterparts. While the Serbian delegation is visiting Algeria, a football match between the two countries' national teams will take place according to an earlier agreement.


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                  March 2, 2010 -- Serbian Minister of Economy Mladjan Dinkic, who heads the state economic delegation on a visit to Algiers, had talks today with this country’s competent minister Abdelmalek Selal about the ways to improve the economic cooperation. They have concluded that the goal of the efforts of the two governments is bring the cooperation to the level as it was in 1980s, when Algiers was one of the biggest economic partners of former Yugoslavia. During this visit, Dinkic and Minister of defense Dragan Sutanovac will also have talks with Prime Minister Ahmed Uzakhi and other high officials, and tomorrow a business forum will be held, with the participation of a large number of businessmen from both countries. Having in mind that Algiers, as one of the richest countries of the North Africa, plans to start the investment cycle of 150 billion dollars next year, the visit of the delegation from Belgrade represents a great chance for the Serbian companies to get involved in those business opportunities, reads the communiqué of the Serbian Ministry of Economy.


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                    March 3, 2010 -- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic and Algerian Minister for Water Resources and Co-Chairperson of the joint committee for economic cooperation with Serbia Abdulmalek Sellal stated yesterday that Serbia and Algeria must improve economic cooperation. Dinkic, who is heading a Serbian delegation on a three day visit to Algeria, said during talks that cooperation should be restored to the level at which it was during the 1980s, when as a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, Algeria was one of former Yugoslavia’s top economic partners. Speaking at a meeting, which was also attended by representatives of Algerian and Serbian businesses in the area of water resources, Dinkic stressed that the Serbian delegation’s visit is a great opportunity for Serbian companies to work in Algeria, which is one of the richest North African countries and is planning to start a $150 billion, four year, investment cycle. The Serbian delegation also includes Defence Minister Dragan Sutanovac and Minister of Youth and Sports Snezana Samardzic-Markovic, who met yesterday with their Algerian counterparts. During this visit, Dinkic will meet with Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, and he will also have separate meetings with five ministers and the governor. The Serbian business delegation is represented by some 60 representatives of leading Serbian companies. A business forum will be held tomorrow at which businessmen of the two countries will discuss future cooperation. The football national team of Serbia also arrived to Algeria together with the Serbian state delegation and they will play a friendly match with the Algerian national team today.


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                      March 3, 2010 -- Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Mladjan Dinkic has stated that there is a great interest in the Algerian market for the products of the timber industry in Serbia, since in the last four years one million apartments have been built in Algeria. We can distribute lot of merchandise here, an not only the agricultural products, stated Dinkic, who is heading the Serbian delegation on visit to Algeria. He met several Algerian ministers to discuss the improvement of the economic cooperation, and the meetings were also attended by representatives of some 60 strongest companies from Serbia. Dinkic underlined that these two countries have traditionally good friendly relations and the goal is to raise them to the level of 1980s, when they had the annual exchange worth half a billion dollars.


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                        ALGER, Jeudi 4 Mars 2010 -- La coopération entre l'Algérie et la Serbie évolue positivement et va enregistrer même un "nouveau départ" * la faveur de la visite en Algérie d'une importante délégation d'hommes d'affaires serbes, a déclaré mardi * Alger, le ministre des Ressources en eau, Abdelmalek Sellal. "L'optimisme est de rigueur et la promotion de nos échanges se présente sous de bons signes", a souligné M. Sellal, qui a reçu la délégation serbe conduite par le vice-Premier ministre et ministre serbe de l'économie Mladan Dinkic. Le ministre a saisi l'opportunité de la présence des PDG d'importantes sociétés serbes pour les inciter * nouer des partenariats avec les entreprises algériennes dans le vaste domaine des ressources en eau.


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                          March 4, 2010 -- Serbian and Algerian companies will apply for consortiums for infrastructure business in Algeria, Serbian Economy Ministry announced. Economy Minister Mlađan Dinkić said, after talks with Algerian PM Ahmed Oujahi, that Algeria is adopting a five-year plan and will invest as much as 300 billion dollars in infrastructure development. In consortiums with Algerian companies, Serbian companies, which so far have been engaged in projects of minor value, could obtain deals worth hundreds of millions of EUR, he stressed. In talks with the Algerian health minister, it was agreed Serbian pharmaceutical companies should be granted a special status in Algeria and Serbian doctors will be invited to Algeria. During the three-day visit of the Serbian delegation, agreement was reached on the details of the major export contract for Serbian specialized industry in 2010. The delegation included some 60 representatives of leading Serbian companies.


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                            ALGER, Vendredi 5 Mars 2010 -- La coopération algéro-serbe dans le domaine médical et pharmaceutique a été au centre d'entretiens, mercredi * Alger, entre le ministre de la Santé, de la Population et de la Réforme hospitalière, Saïd Barkat, et le vice-Premier ministre, ministre de l'Economie et du Développement régional de la Serbie, Mladan Dinkic. Les deux parties ont souligné la nécessité de développer la coopération technique en matière de soins spécialisés et le partenariat dans le domaine de la pharmacie. Le dossier de projet d'accord relatif aux conditions d'emploi de médecins spécialistes serbes, assurant * la fois les soins et la formation en Algérie, a été abordé par les deux parties qui ont mis en exergue l'importance de sa finalisation "rapide", a indiqué M. Barkat.


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                              ALGER, Vendredi 5 Mars 2010 -- Le vice-premier ministre et ministre de l'Economie et du Développement régional de Serbie, M. Mladan Dinkic, a exprimé mercredi la volonté des opérateurs économiques de son pays d'investir en Algérie dans les domaines où ils disposent d'un niveau appréciable de savoir faire, notamment, l'hydraulique, le bâtiment et les installations électriques. S'exprimant * l'ouverture d'un forum d'affaires algéro-serbe, organisé * l'occasion d'une mission économique serbe * Alger, M. Dinkic a fait part de l'intérêt des opérateurs économiques de son pays pour les opportunités d'investissements offertes par l'Algérie, particulièrement dans des secteurs comme l'hydraulique (construction des barrages), le bâtiment et l'habitat, les installations électriques, l'industrie pharmaceutique ainsi que la construction navale.