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  • 4 terror suspects to be extradited to Spain


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      The Gendarmerie brigade in Annaba arrested yesterday five people accused of murdering a judge, Nabil Bouterfa, shot dead on December 7, whose body was cast not far from the sidewalk of the road connecting Annaba and Chorfa.

      The first of the accused persons was apprehended six days after the investigation started. Investigators found a slip including the name and address of a man living in the Bouni district, he had a rendezvous with the victim on the eve of the crime day, well informed sources say. Investigations permitted the identification of the man concerned who was arrested in front of his house in a trap set by security forces.

      When interrogated, the arrested individual confessed he took part in the crime among a gang, without giving plenty of information about the murder’s motives and circumstances. He also gave the names of his co-murderers; he revealed that they were three individuals living in the Bouni district, in Annaba city centre. All of them were arrested on Saturday in possession of the gun used in the crime; it was the assassinated judge’s own gun. The interrogation of the four arrested persons led to another individual living out of Annaba, a member of a food and spare parts smuggling band. According to a preliminary investigation, he was among the murderers of the judge for reasons related to a settlement of accounts.

      Gendarmerie’s investigations in coordination with Umm al-Buaghi court’s public prosecutor revealed that about 20 files, most of which are relating to corruption cases, have been disappeared from the same court.

      Judge’s murderers arrested


      • ALGIERS: The UN International Year of Deserts and Desertification has ended with stark warnings from experts about the expansion of uninhabitable zones and an increase in climate-driven migration.

        Desertification - the expansion of desert areas, caused by growing populations and climate changes - is one of the most important global issues, UN Under Secretary-General Hans Van Ginkel said at the start of a three-day conference in the Algerian capital.

        "It has become more and more evident that desertification is one of the most important global challenges, destabilising societies the world over," said Van Ginkel, who is also rector of the United Nations University (UNU), a partner in the event involving around 200 experts from 25 countries.

        Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, host of the conference, said that desertification "affects a third of the surface of our planet, more than the surface of China, Canada and Brazil combined," and is a threat to world peace.

        Bouteflika called in a speech opening the event for a concerted, global effort, saying it was "more urgent that ever" to put into practice measures agreed at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to tackle desertification and preserve non-renewable resources. Around 2 billion people live in areas threatened by desertification.

        The implications for human migration are huge, with estimates today showing that migrants uprooted primarily by environmental factors now exceed the number of political refugees, according to a UNU statement.

        Desertification has been on the world agenda for 50 years but efforts to arrest the problem have been chronically under-funded, and the situation is getting demonstrably worse every year, the organization said.

        It is still not known precisely how fast the process is unfolding, much less how best to address it.

        One of those in attendance was Professor Rattan Lal of Ohio State University, who said poor developing-country households must switch to clean cooking fuels instead of burning crop residue and animal dung.

        This will stop the loss of valuable sources of nutrients needed to forestall desertification and world hunger, Lal said.

        By modestly improving soil quality in developing countries, an extra 20 to 30 million tonnes of food per year could be produced - enough to feed the number of people being added to their populations annually - at a cost of less than two billion dollars (1.5 billion euros) per year.

        Karl Harmsen, director of UNU's Ghana-based Institute for Natural Resources in Africa, noted estimates that Africa may be able to feed just 25 percent of its population by 2025 if the decline in soil conditions continues on the continent.

        UN 'International Year of Deserts' ends with stark warnings


        • ALGIERS (AFP) - An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale rattled Chlef in western Algeria, causing widespread panic, the Algerian geophysics centre CRAAG said.

          The epicentre of the quake, felt at 1934 GMT Saturday, was 11 kilometres (six miles) northwest of the town, which is 200 kilometres (120 miles) west of Algiers, CRAAG said.

          The region's prefect Mohamed Ghazi told the APS news agency that cracks had appeared in the walls of a police station in the region.

          Many inhabitants rushed out into the street, according to the civil protection agency, but there were no reports of casualties or major damage.

          The Chlef region was hit by a deadly earthquake on October 10 1980, registering 7.1 on the Richter scale, which killed at least 5,000 people.

          Quake causes panic in western Algeria


          • December 18, 2006 - - Scorpion stings killed 62 people in Algeria over the first nine months of 2006, a drop from previous years, health authorities announced.

            With 12 deaths recorded, the Algeria desert town of El Oued topped the mortality list covering 14 areas, according to a health official cited by the country's APS press agency.

            In June, the government launched an awareness campaign in vulnerable regions on scorpion prevention and treatment methods.

            Nonetheless, the number of scorpion-related deaths has declined steadily in recent years, from 150 in 1998 to 74 in 2005.

            Scorpions use their venom to kill or paralyse their prey. Of some 1,500 scorpion species worldwide, only around 20 are regarded as dangerous.

            Scorpion stings take toll on Algeria's population


            • MELBOURNE, Australia - Thirteen men accused of belonging to a terrorist cell that was plotting a major attack in Australia pleaded not guilty to the charges Monday.

              The 13 appeared in the Victorian state Supreme Court to plead not guilty to belonging to a terrorist organization and other terrorism-related offenses. The remaining five suspects were arrested in Sydney, where they are awaiting trial.

              The alleged spiritual leader of the group, Algerian-born Abdul Nacer Benbrika, also known as Abu Bakr, made headlines last year when he told the national broadcast network that Osama bin Laden was "a great man." Abu Bakr pleaded not guilty Monday to directing the group‘s activities and possessing a CD related to the planning for a terrorist act.

              Authorities have offered few details, but have alleged some of the suspects trained in Afghanistan and Pakistan and met bin Laden.

              13 terror suspects plead not guilty


              • Algeria strives for oil security


                • Two police operations, ‘Operación Villa’ and ‘Operación Porche’ have brought down two different organised crime gangs based in the Alicante and Murcia regions.

                  Operacion Villa ended with the arrest of 5 suspects who are charged with over 40 robberies. They were tracked down to three houses in Torrevieja which they used as headquarters to carry out their crimes. They first surveyed the place they planned to rob, then planned how to enter before using previously stolen cars to make a getaway.

                  The Albanian band, headed by N.I, aged 26, stole money, mobile phones, jewellery, cars and anything else that could be sold easily on the black market. The Guardia Civil are still analysing evidence to see whether the band is linked to any other robberies apart from the ones they carried out in Alicante, Valencia, Cuenca, Almer?*a, Granada and Murcia.

                  The second gang, made up of 5 men and 3 women from Algeria, Morocco, Iraq and Spain, specialised in stealing luxury cars in the Alicante, Murcia and Orihuela area. At the moment they are suspected of 6 robberies, but the Guardia Civil are looking for links to any other cases. The robberies were carried out with balaclavas and weapons (although many were later discovered to be fake.)

                  The gang was caught when they tried to steal 4 Porsche cars and an Audi, and were arrested there and then by the police. Another three members of the gang have been identified and should be arrested within the next couple of days.

                  Successful operations


                  • COUNT 4:

                    That you Mohammed Ashafa ‘M’ 40 years old of Sharanchi Quarters, Kano, member of an illegal terrorist organisation known and called the Nigerian Taliban on diverse dates, (between the 30th December 2003 and 30th December, 2004 at Maiduguri, Borno State and other places in Nigeria within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court did facilitate the commission of terrorist act to wit: You contacted, sponsored and ferried Isam Adam Sukur, Ahamed Taifi, Babagana Abdulkarim Galtamari and eighteen other Mujahideen fighters (members of Militia arm of the said Nigerian Taliban) to receive combat training on terrorism from an Algerian terrorist network known as Salifis Group for combat and preaching camp at Agwan, Niger Republic (Algerian Terrorist Network) and thereby committed and offence contrary to section 15 (2) of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Establishment) Act 2004 and punishable under the same Act.

                    COUNT 5

                    That you Mohammed Ashafa ‘M’ 40 years old of Sharanchi Quarters, Kano, member of an illegal terrorist organisation known and called “The Nigerian Taliban” on or about 30th day of December 2003 a Yau Katako quarters Kano, Kano State within the jurisdiction of the Federal high Court provided and gave large sums of money to Isam Adam Sukur and Ahamed Taifi with the intent that the money shall be used to receive military training at Salafis Group for combat and preaching at Camp Agwan Niger Republic and that you thereby committed an offence contrary to section 15 (1) of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Establishment) Act punishable under the same section of the Act....

                    Nigeria's Federal Government arraigns Nigerian leader of Al-Qaeda in court


                    • London, 19 December /PRNewswire-GNN/ --

                      FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE - News Release issued by The Government News Network on 19th December 2006:

                      Mr Andrew Henderson has been appointed Her Majesty's Ambassador to the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria in succession to Mr Andrew Tesoriere who will be transferring to another Diplomatic appointment. Mr Henderson will take up his new appointment in July 2007.

                      CURRICULUM VITAE

                      Full Name: Andrew David Forbes Henderson

                      Date of Birth: 12 July 1952

                      Married to: Julia

                      Children: Two daughters (1998, 1990)

                      Mr Henderson is currently Consul General in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

                      2000-2003 Jeddah, Consul-General

                      1998-1999 FCO, Head of Parliamentary Relations

                      1994-1998 Cairo, 1st Secretary and then Head of Commercial Aid Section

                      1992-1993 Luanda, Deputy Head of Mission

                      1988-1991 Washington, 1st secretary

                      1987-1989 New York, Consul

                      1985-1987 FCO, Assistant Private Secretary to Minister of State or Foreign
                      and Commonwealth affairs

                      1980-1984 Oslo, 2nd Secretary

                      1977-1980 Rio de Janeiro, Vice Consul

                      1975-1976 Latin American floater

                      1972-1975 FCO, Defence Department

                      1971-1972 FCO, West African Department

                      FCO Press Office: 020 7008 3100

                      Press Office, Downing Street (West), London SW1A 2AL Telephone: 020 7008 3100 Fax: 020 7008 3734

                      Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                      Change of Her Majesty's Ambassador to The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria


                      • Algerian coastguards saved 49 migrants from perishing in cold Mediterranean waters after they set out for Spain aboard boats unfit for the purpose, government newspaper El Moudjahid reported on Tuesday.

                        The migrants, all Algerians aged between 20 to 55, were arrested and jailed after being picked up off the coast near Mostaganem, 300 kilometres (186 miles) west of the capital Algiers, the paper said.

                        Growing numbers of illegal migrants have set off from Algeria this year, braving perilous seas for the chance of a job and a new life in Europe.

                        In the first 10 months of 2006, 42 bodies have been found and 27 people are still missing, according to an official statement released on Monday.

                        It said 388 migrants, including Algerians and Moroccans, have been saved from death off the western shores of Algeria.

                        The North African country, emerging from more than a decade of civil conflict, has launched a five-year plan worth $80 billion to restore hope among its 33 million inhabitants and put the economy back on track.

                        Algeria's oil and gas-reliant economy offers too few jobs to the population, of which 70 percent is under 30.

                        According to official figures, the national unemployment rate is estimated at 15 percent but among people under 30 it was 75 percent in 2005, up from 73 percent a year earlier.

                        This weekend, Algerian newspapers printed a message written by a young man to his parents before he drowned trying to reach Spain.

                        "Forgive me, but I have no choice but to leave the country."

                        49 migrants saved from drowning


                        • A YOUNG Algerian caught working in an upmarket Edinburgh hotel while using a false French identity card has been jailed for more than two and a half years.

                          Elyes Alili, 23, was uncovered working at The Point Hotel in Bread Street when officials investigated reports of illegal immigrants on the payroll.

                          At Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday, he pleaded guilty to being in possession of an identity card in the name of Dani Dib, which he knew or believed to be false, at Hawkhill Court, Restalrig, on September 24.

                          Defence agent, Gordon Stewart, said Alili came from a poor family in Algeria. He had bought the identity card in Paris for £40 and came to Edinburgh in August.

                          He used the card to gain employment and had worked steadily and paid taxes until his arrest.

                          Mr Stewart said Alili had been in custody since September 25 and, although he had reasonable English, had found his time in prison difficult.

                          Sheriff John Horsburgh, QC, sentenced Alili to 32 months - reduced from the recommended four years thanks to his early guilty plea - and said he would recommend he is deported on his release.

                          Edinburgh hotel worker jailed over fake ID


                          • Engineering departments blamed for 'housing anarchy'

                            Bouteflika opens fire on housing sector officials


                            • ALGIERS, Dec 19 (KUNA) -- Algerian Police Chief Ali Tunssi on Tuesday called for enhancement of Arab security cooperation to confront the negative impacts of globalization and prevent new forms of organized crimes.

                              In an address marking the Arab Police Day, Tunssi stressed the significance of Arab countries coordinated efforts to promote cooperation instruments by endorsing tangible measures.

                              He said Algeria, as an active member of the Arab interior ministerial council, pursued enhancement of joint Arab action and coordinated efforts to combat organized crime.

                              The Algerian Police Chief said security was a significant tool in the Arab development process.

                              Algerian Police Chief calls for collective Arab effort to fight organized crime


                              • Havana, Dec 20 (Prensa Latina) The governments of Cuba and Algeria clinched a health cooperation agreement to improve maternal-child care in that African nation.

                                The document signed by Cuban Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer and his Algerian counterpart Amar Tou marks the beginning in January of the next cooperation program in the provinces of Djelfa, El Oued and Bechar.

                                The program envisages aid to gyneco-obstetric services, specialized care to mothers and children and minimal access surgeries in those localities.

                                The two governments also agreed to build four high-technology ophthalmology centers in three Algerian provinces.

                                Cuba, Algeria to cooperate in health


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