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    Algeria's Skikda refinery is to close for maintenance for 15-20 days in May, an official from state oil company Sonatrach said Thursday.

    The official couldn't say when in May the 335,000-barrel-a-day Skikda refinery would close for maintenance.

    Last week, Sonatrach briefly shut the whole refinery due to technical problems, traders said.

    Skikda is a key supplier of oil products to Europe, particularly naphtha and low-sulfur straight-run fuel oil.

    Skikda refinery to shut for 15-20 days in May


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      MUMBAI (Reuters) - State-run utility GAIL (India) Ltd. has bought 135,000 standard cubic metres of liquefied natural gas from Algeria, the company said on Tuesday.

      The company also said it would finalise a second cargo of LNG in June....

      GAIL (India) buys LNG from Algeria


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        Restricted article, posted for information only

        Venezuela is seeking the participation of Iran and Algeria in developing new natural gas projects in the country, the energy minister said.

        Venezuela seeks cooperation with Iran, Algeria in new gas projects


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          Algiers, May 11: Algeria's state-run oil and gas company Sonatrach said it had discovered new reserves of oil, gas and condensates in the Berkine basin of the Sahara Desert.

          Sonatrach said the area could produce - per day - 444,000 cubic metres of gas, 800 barrels of oil and 500 barrels of condensate.

          "This confirms the important hydrocarbon potential of this part of the Berkine basin, which will continue to be thoroughly explored and delineated during 2006," the company said in a statement yesterday.

          Sonatrach expects this year to drill 90 wells at a total cost of 1.2 billion dollars, the statement said. It plans to contribute 700 million dollars towards the scheme, with foreign partners expected to provide the rest.

          Sonatrach finds new oil, gas reserves in Sahara


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            New Delhi, May 11: AIMING at resolving the Capital’s power crisis, the Delhi government will be procuring 0.5 million standard cubic metre gas from Algeria. The move will facilitate generation of approximately 70-100 MW additional power per day.

            ‘‘The gas will reach Delhi in another 48 to 72 hours,’’ said Principal Secretary, Power, and Transco chief Rakesh Mehta.

            Mehta said the gas will be procured for two to three months, depending on the heat and the shortage of power.....

            Gas from Algeria to resolve India's power crisis


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              Luanda, May 15 - - Algeria is using dialogue and consultations to reinforce bilateral co-operation with Angola in several areas, said special envoy Amnine Kabi after presenting a message from Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika on Friday to Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos.

              Amnine Kabi said that the two countries share common interests in bilateral, regional and international issues of defence, development, peace and stability.

              The two countries also share identical objectives about the stabilisation of the international oil market, as well as the operation of the African Commission on Energy based in Algiers, the Algerian capital.

              Algeria has been training Angolan executives in oil, geology and mining sectors for many years.

              Algeria, Angola discuss oil stability


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                PARIS (AFX) - Algerian gas company Sonatrach wants to take a stake in EDP - Energias de Portugal SA and could acquire as much as 5 pct, Diario Economico reported.

                The proposal has received approval from Portugal's economy ministry, the business daily reported, without naming its source.

                Diario Economico said Sonatrach's plan was notified to Antonio Mexia, CEO of Portuguese oil and gas group Galp Energia, to which the Algerian company supplies gas......

                Sonatrach may take up to 5% in Energias de Portugal - report


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                  MADRID (AFX) - Repsol YPF SA said it has discovered a new gas well in Reggane Nord in the Algerian desert.

                  In a statement, the Spanish-Argentine oil and gas group said the new discovery tested at a depth of 3,983 meters with a preliminary production rate of 763,000 m3/day, and at 2,360 meters with a gas flow of 483,000 m3/day.

                  This is the first time that gas has been found at the carboniferous level in this basin, it said, noting that the discovery confirms the potential for the gas being commercialised in 2008.....

                  Repsol YPF discovers new gas well in Algeria



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                    Bateman Litwin wins 120 million euro contract in Algeria

                    LONDON (AFX) - Bateman Litwin NV, the Dutch oil and gas support services group that will soon listing on AIM, said it won a 120 million euro contract in Algeria.

                    Bateman, through its wholly owned French unit Litwin SA, has been chosen by Brown & Root Condor as the contractor for Sonatrach's crude production facility in Rhourde Nouss.

                    Bateman Litwin completed initial design and engineering work for this project last November.



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                      GAIL to buy 3 LNG spot cargoes from Algeria

                      NEW DELHI (Reuters) - State-run gas transporter GAIL India Ltd. will import three LNG spot cargoes from Algeria this year, Chairman Prashanto Bannerjee told reporters on Wednesday.

                      The gas will be priced at about $8-$9 per million BTU (British Thermal Unit), which is higher than the cost of LNG that India imports from Qatar as global prices have risen since the contract was signed....



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                        ALGIERS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday hailed as "very promising" the prospect of economic and energy cooperation with Algeria after meeting here with the country's leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

                        Algeria "has a lot of experience in gas resources and we can benefit enormously from that experience," Chavez was cited as saying by the official Algerian news agency APS.

                        Venezuela and Algeria are both members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the world's most powerful oil cartel. Chavez stressed that his nation "was always interested in opening new channels of cooperation in other domains...."

                        Chavez sees promising energy deals with Algeria


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                          ALGIERS (AP)--Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez signed a deal Tuesday for Algeria to play a role in the construction of a $25 billion pipeline project in South America.

                          The Venezuelan leader signed the agreement and several other bilateral deals after arriving in Algeria's capital on a visit designed to tighten relations between the two OPEC member states.

                          Chavez, on his third visit to the North African country, met with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The two leaders share Socialist-style political roots and common views on many international issues including Iraqi sovereignty, the Middle East and Western Sahara.

                          "We are very interested in the experience of Algeria in gas," Chavez told reporters. Such expertise would help Venezuela build the pipeline linking its vast natural gas reserves to Brazil and Argentina.

                          Venezuela and Algeria also agreed to exchange technology required to develop natural gas, cooperate in expanding agricultural production and establish diplomacy-related student exchange programs, according to a statement issued by Venezuela's Foreign Ministry.

                          The visit also aroused speculation Chavez might press Algeria to nationalize its oil industry. Venezuela moved toward nationalizing its oil industry last month, by grabbing oil fields from foreign companies and forcing them into mixed ownership with the state oil company.

                          "At the level of populist rhetoric, the Algerians will like (Chavez's call to nationalization)," said Jon Marks, editor of African Energy. The visit by Chavez, he said, will "help Algeria reinforce its nonaligned credentials."

                          "But at a practical level, there's no chance" of nationalization in Algeria, Marks said, noting that Algerian Energy Minister Chehib Khelil was instrumental in the privatization of the oil industries in Algeria, Bolivia and Peru, while a World Bank officer in the 1980s and 1990s.....

                          Chavez signs deal to give Algeria role in pipeline project


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                            Algeria examines nuclear energy option:

                            Not an oil or gas story but we can mutate this thread into a catch-all 'energy issues' one

                            Algeria has been quietly examining the feasibility of establishing a network of nuclear power facilities.

                            Western industry sources said Algeria has sought to exploit its natural uranium deposits to preserve declining energy reserves. The sources said Algeria has been developing a major nuclear program that has military applications. So far, the country has been operating two civilian nuclear reactors.

                            "Algeria has the funding and will to establish a nuclear industry that will be formally civilian but contain all of the capabilities required for a weapons project," an industry source said. "It could be a major player in the nuclear market."

                            Algeria first discovered uranium deposits in the early 1970s. But the North African country failed to develop a uranium mining industry because of high production costs.



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                              ALGIERS, May 20 (RIA Novosti) - Russian pipeline company Stroitransgaz is participating in three tenders to build and mend gas pipelines in Algeria, the company's vice president said Saturday.

                              Leonid Bokhanovsky said at a meeting of a Russian-Algerian business council that Stroitransgaz had filed draft proposals for implementation of three projects, including repairs of the GK-1 pipeline, construction of a 122-km land section of the Medgaz-3 pipeline, to run via Algeria to Spain, and construction of a second branch of the GEM pipeline, to run via Tunisia to Italy.

                              Stroitransgaz earlier built the GZ-2 oil pipeline in Algeria, and is now building another gas pipeline in the country, with an estimated cost of $266 million.

                              Stroitransgaz takes part in three tenders to build, mend gas pipelines in Algeria


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                                Statoil is facing a very active season for seismic data acquisition, both on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) and internationally......

                                .....Seismic shooting on land in the Hassi Mouina block operated by Statoil in Algeria is also well under way, with some 1,050 kilometres of two-dimensional seismic data gathered so far. The seismic programme in Algeria is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2006.



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