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  • What happened ??

    In Riad today ? Any Algerian living there care to enlighten us ? I do not want to watch CNN I'm sick & tired of their lies.

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    Hi Zina (La guazelle, right !?) - What does Tokyo Radio Trottoir has to say ? - Do Japanese have jokes? I know a Japanese(from Japan) living here in the US, and he doesn't seem to have any jokes to say, always on his guard...A friend of mine who was stationed there with the navy said they thing of others as Inferior, etc. Is there any truth to it, or just garbage like the one KKK vomits about ALgerians ?


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      Sorry, I missed this post !

      Anyway, it is better late than never as they say.
      Here is the answer to your Q.

      The are no such a thing as radio trotoire in here. The Japanese never gossip.
      They do have a great sense of humor but not all of them.
      They work very hard and play harder. They can be alcoholics the problem is they drink you under the table but do not lose their self-control and that phlegm.
      They are very slow at taking decisions and that can be very frustrating if you are in the sales business.
      They are very generous more than that. They are generous to a fault as they keep giving you a present every single space left to store mine.
      They love life and enjoy it to its fullest by wearing designers label and only the best will do. They spend horrendous amount of money going to restaurants the more expensive the better.
      They love travels, they never stop!
      They do make the rest of the world look primitive by listening, never interrupting someone mid sentense, never look for confrontation, never rise their voices, never stop smiling, nodding in agreement with you when you talk. Saying thank you and apologizing at the end of every sentence. In addition they are very talented both men & women, they paint, draw, cook, sew, and make amazing things with their hands Origami, hanai, Haiku and sports oh, boy they excel.Most of all they worship nature, gardening is big in here. food and fashion are a huge market. The French and Italians made a large profit with their savoir-. It is such a great country to learn and make money but the price to pay is accept to work long hours and sleep less, do not complain. However, it is bloody worth it. I love it in here, I feel alive!


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