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  • Terrorisme

    What made Algeria have this probleme?

    How can we solve it?

    I or WE feel ashamed to say we are Algerians to foreigners, they run away when they hear this word «ALGERIA»

    We want our country to be famous in a positive way as it used to be in the seventies and the eighties.

    Thank you

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    Hello Amazighe!
    what made Algeria experience what it is experiencing?...very unteresting question.well, I think that a corrupted, unexperienced , dectatorship government was the main cause of it or should I say a big part of it.When the people of Algeria spoke up against the poor ruling of the country, vilotions of human rights and" la mauvaise gestion du bien du peuple" in 1985, that coward government "fired" with much cruality on the people killing most of them and puting the rest in prisons.In 1991, after they cancelled the ellections, made the president resign and put the whole country in a very strange state....The people of Algeria , once again said NO.And once again the UN-ELLECTED government fired at the people, killed... and put the survivors in concentration capms(3000 in Ain M'guel only)....and more....
    That's how the whole Algerian nightmare started...I think.Then ofcourse, there were some unhealthy minds that took advantage of the situation and took a part at spreading terror whitin Algeria.

    That is the bigest question to which I pesonaly don't have an answer....I wish I do or someone else does and tell me how?



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      hi there...


      I know I am coming in quite late. I just wanted to say that I don't agree with ibnbatouta's analysis.

      Yes, we had an unlected governement.
      Yes, we had bad managers in our country.
      Yes, we had our army fire with live ammunition on unarmed civilians.

      But so did many other developping countries like Algeria, and they still haven't had an inch of the terrorism we had.

      The question is why? In my opinion it is because our leaders were different to other leaders in the third world because, while other leaders felt they "owned" the country and wouldn't permit any voices to speak, let alone take up weapons, or leaders felt like they were renting their positions. They didn't care at all about strategic choices for too long... This is how they reacted, with carelessness:

      Ah... socialism... it's ok... normal
      Ah... market economy... it's ok... normal
      Ah... islamism... it's ok... normal

      They would tolerate anything without thinking, until the day people would react angrily.

      And the day it does...

      What riots? Shoot the idiots!
      What armed islamists? Shoot the idiots!

      But then it was too late. It's better to be a dictator than a leader who just doesn't care... and reacts too late!


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        Here's my take: The short answer is:
        Because there is no Algerian Consciousness.
        Why isn't there a consciousness? - Because consciousness is the process of internal dialog within self, and Algerian-self has never been able to fully develop, for about 2050 years.
        Separate and regional pseudo-consciousnesses have somewhat developed, but but never enough in quality nor long enough in length. Remote places places lived in isolation, and always depended on migrants for survival, which made those migrants influencial. That's how not Algerians but Amazigh people have lived for centuries. And when I say Amazigh, I mean everybody including the one calls himself Arab or Muslim or both, and those who do not as well, chiefly Mosabit, Chawiya, Kabyles, etc. Algeria is but an idea on paper. Th only time these groups ever identified with each other was against the French Imperialist. That happened because while human conditions and denigration has reached unbearable conditions, the Colonists began taking away land and territory. It's misery that united these groups not brotherhood. The same under the post-France Algeria, it's the Agricultural revolution of Boumediene that started the pressure, and the family code and Arabization did the rest.
        Why didn't the "independent" from France Algeria develop a consciousness?
        2. Major reasons:
        a. Communism: No right of free Association.
        b. Arabization and Islamization: Cultural and
        intellectual regression.
        a. Any association be it for or not for profit must come
        from a common interest which itself comes from self-
        awarness. In other words, from an individual to a group
        to a larger group, etc. associations in a variety of
        ways, i.e. based on geography, interest, common problems
        solutions seeking, etc. In other words, what's know as a
        grass root. (it's happening now in Kabylie). In a
        healthy society this would take place via inspiration
        not by degrated security and other human conditions.
        b. For the above to take place there is a reuirement:
        Freedom and ethical/Authentic communication with self.
        In other words a real self-awarness and consciousness,
        at the individual level. For that to happen, the
        individual must exist in his/her authentic nature, which
        as I said earlier has been battered for more than 2000
        years. It is what Boumediene and Ben Bella and all the
        successors have failed to do. More than failing, they
        actually sabottaged the natural process of it, by
        engaging in the same process as any other colonist. They
        forced into the people a language that has not stopped
        evolving by that evolved backwards and at high speed. I
        am talking about the Arabic language, which nowadays
        can't even produce simple poetry. The Arabs themselves
        (Saoudis, Yemenis, etc.) are abondonning it.
        Simply said, it's simply NOT in the African psyche !
        Of course North-African could have adopted it and take
        it to its potential, but that could not take place for
        the same reason others be it Iraquis, Syrians, Iranians,
        and whoever... because of its direct dependance on the
        religion. As simple as that.
        Religion is a form of do-it-yourself psychology, and
        this Islam is anti-individual. It does not lift the
        individual, it massacres and uses for material gains not
        emotional enlightenment, through free will. So, it's not
        too late since time is continuously infinate, We can
        assembled the tools we have acquired and build up. I
        propose something that is our own and that has proven
        itself to be extremely efficient. I am talking about St.
        Augustine's works! He is North African.
        Immediate stop to any reference to Islam as a spiritual
        path to enlightenment.
        Exploit existing legal conditions and associate! Every
        person must be involved in at least 2 associations. One
        cultural and the other treating of immediate life needs
        and human conditions. A 3rd one would be of security,
        that is what's called in the US neighborhood Watch. In
        other words, claim one's territory.
        Every Algerian should begin developing a personal
        consciousness, and begin adressing the matters of
        Have the courage to face our true history and decide no
        to be the investment or object of anyone else. In other
        words, reconnect with one's ancestry.
        Stop thinking of government as external entity, but
        demand it to financen associations of all kinds.
        Government and anyone who works for them should be
        quaranteened, until true elections take place.

        In other words, begin self-governance, and permanently stop entertaining any call to violence.

        The AARCH / Grace root movemeent of Kabylie should be replicated everywhere. The process of a central clique sending people to govern where they don't belong is just backwards. The government must know that, perhaps it is the signal of maturity it is waiting from the people. Remember DeGaule did not give independance, it was TAKEN.

        This is not a call to violence but an awakening, self-awarness, and a common consciousness. We have evolved separately as I said before, thus differently, therefore to re-Unite because history says that we have been, We must become all aware of a common glorious past, and project it to the future, a future that must be discussed with openess, simplicity, and goodness. I invite anyone to find a copy of Salust book about Jugurthen's struggle to rally a proud and autonomous, genuine and authentic identity and sovereignty, and thin that we owe him justice for what the Romans did to him. The same goes for every other invader. The only traces nowadays left are yes, those of the Islamists. North Africa has been infiltrated by BAATH and HASBOLLAH and those ideologies, and interest should cease in Africa. They have plenty of home work to do in their own territory. So, for those who claim Arab-hood or Islam, I tell you ARABIA and MOHAMED's house are under fire, go go johnny go ! - But if you think that there is an ounce of African in you, then welcome to Africa and be AFRICAN! African Consciousness if the final and only possible destination for us.
        There you have it. I can explain to you with logic and proven science why Islam is not for us. It's for Arabs, but not for us. ONE NEEDS to grow beyond his/her parents needs. All who claim that have inhirited it some how, all the way to the 1st ones onto whom it has been forced ! SOme of us have kept French, or Adopted English but only as a tool of necessity that is currently useful. Arabic is absolutely useless ! Their way of life absolutely destructive, unless the Arabs themselves react, they are doomed to finish soon.
        THERE ARE Other trains for us.
        What we need is an improvement of our human conditions. Let's borrow from the Deutch, Suisse, Danish, etc.
        Every thing technical goes English, French or German, but their culture and identities are absolutely INTACT !



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