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    Do you not think stuff like what's contained in these threads, is a bit dodgy?

    BTW, I'm clearly not the only person who dislikes such threads and postings, as these commentaries show others also have misgivings about various aspects:

    Please review.



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    I share the sentiments of Voltaire and other posters and would ask that the threads he refers to, and any others like them, be deleted from this forum.

    This is not a 'free speech' issue, as no logical or coherent reason is given for the graffiti like postings of the names of various Jews, including their locations and places of work. There is no attempt to explain why this religious / racial profiling is being posted to this forum and nor, if such attempts were to be made, would there be much likelihood of them making any sense or holding any logic.

    The 'lists', such as they are, are random, partial, selective (no mention is made of U.K. based BNP officerholders who are Jewish, surprise, surprise), and poorly researched, with some individuals who have only partial Jewish ancestry and who do not embrace the Jewish faith being added to lists in a manner reminiscent of the worst 'one drop' rule applied against Blacks in the U.S.A. The motley collection of unfortunates singled out by certain posters do not belong to any single party and can be seen to hold widely divergent views about many issues.

    This kind of shoddy, racist, bigoted posting in redolent of the very racial profiling that is considered to be a human rights abuse when it is applied to Muslims or Arabs. Placing details of people of diverse political beliefs on a forum like this is about as fruitful - or relevant - as listing all the Scots or Irish who hold political office or positions in the media or entertainment industries.

    I have seen enough of agents provocateurs in my time to state that if the posters making these posts had not demonstrated that they actually believe there is some point to their bigotry I would have suspected them of deliberately trying to sabotage this board and misrepresent the views of the majority posting on it by maintaining a stream of ignorant, racist and bigoted posts.

    I have no problem saying on the record that I despise Zionism and hold its advocates in contempt, I despise it for its historical and contemporary crimes (which range from collaboration with the Nazis and thus facilitating the murders of Jews to the ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people and war-pimping with regard to Iran), as much as I despise it for the warped and dehumanizing racism that Zionism in practice reveals itself to be.

    However, evidently unlike our 'Jew obsessed' posters I am intelligent enough to know that not all Jews are Zionists, that there are courageous and committed Jews working for peace with justice and that the idiocy that sees targeting Jews and posting their details on message boards such as this is a poor reflection on the intelligence and education of the authors of such posts.

    As an anti-Zionist Arab Muslim I would like to see all posts singling out Jews removed from this forum. If people lack intelligence to research Zionism and its crimes, if they are incapable of distinguishing the difference between espousing racist political ideologies from ethnicity or religious affiliation based upon some accident of birth then they are hardly doing any of us a service by representing themselves here as ignorant, bigoted racists. All they are doing is soiling this forum and showing themselves up in the process. No injustice was ever removed by the advocacy of or perpetration of further injustice and personal details that could be of use to fanatics should not be allowed to remain on this forum.

    shukran jazeelan


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      The threads will not be deleted on the forum until it's viewed by Admin.


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        Hi Houda,

        Do you mind if I ask why?



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          I've sent you an email this morning, have you checked it ?


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            Oops, no sorry I haven't

            Also I hadn't seen that you've locked the threads. Many thanks for that



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              OK now he's attacking mods too




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