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It was wrong to ban Samir

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    well leave me out of it anyway...


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      I have told many people on the site over the past weeks to behave not just you. I am included, I have made mistakes and said that I am sorry too.

      My point is simply to the Moderators in that if they want to kick you then they must also kick several other members who have said things out of order.

      If they dont kick them then they have no right to kick you.

      They must be balanced. Now if they dont know of others that have said things far worst than u have ever said then I am more than happy to bring those individuals to their attention.

      They should notice that I admit to my mistaes and I even openly come out and tell people to behave such as yourself and Jannah even though your are both my friends.

      My hisaab is with Allah, all of ours are such. Therefore the Moderators should be fair.

      I am not one to hold grudges or create some masterplan to get rid of everyone but I do call it how I see it, sometimes I may be wrong. I myself am of that character, there is not one person on this site who I dislike or hate even Mezouri who called me a Kafir.

      As a Muslim my heart is occupied with such love for Allah(swt) that I find no room for hate. I do find room for justice and that is what I am calling for.


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        Same standards should be applied to all members.



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          Originally posted by coolsimo
          his life was to hear kho's apology for insulting all algerians want to make satan win by putting things upside down on his head !
          ya aalam ya aarab wallah haram to self destroy yourselves in purpose or blindly!
          let's not make sympathy toward a member fools us not to be juste!
          now give him his right back!
          coolsimo, zeze
          whenever i read your posts i laugh, you are funny man,
          ya aalam ya aarab wallah haram


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            At least when you quote me, quote me properly You made a spelling mistake when you were writing that quote by the way "Sware" you spelling as "swear"



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