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  • Houda

    Blow are just a few examples of the way that I have been insulted and more importantly that great Sheiyoukh have been insulted over the past weeks. You tell me if this makes for a good forum, if this is respectable talk. I dont mind people disagreeing with me but the should have respect.

    Despite Mezouris filth I have not called him a Kafir or any of the Sheiyoukh he has named.

    ETTARIKA el Qadiriya from Jilani is KUFR.why?‎

    About GHAZALI, he was a SUFI but he has NO BIG knowledge of Ilm essunah wa el hadith.‎

    THE sufis el kuffar Hate the Salafis because Ibn taymiyyah is a SALFI.he has fought them.‎
    ‎(I have never insulted or disrespected Ibn Taymiyya, so this is a clear lie)‎‎

    I said in this post:‎

    My Sheikh is Muhammad(saw) Khatim al-Anbiyaa and I fully respect the Prophets(as), Khulufat ‎al-Rashideen(rh), the Uwliyaa Allah, Mujadideen and Umma and in that order.‎

    He replied:‎
    IT means you do not believe in Ibn Arabi and abdelkader el Irani?‎
    ‎(inferring that the above two are kafirs)‎‎

    whom you follow abdel kader el irani (this hadith ignorant and Toroki(tareeqah) or the ‎prophet(pbuh)?‎‎
    Re: Abu al-Hassan al-Shadhili ‎

    Originally posted by ElHenni
    Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili (d. 656)

    One of the great saints of the Community, he said about tasawwuf:

    He who dies without having entered into this knowledge of ours dies insisting upon ‎his grave sins (kaba'ir) without realizing it.(1) ‎

    ‎(here he calls another person a Kafir)‎‎

    you are DEADLY right Amin ‎
    These people like El hanni (eL HALLAJ) they follow their Seikh (sect)and they say:" who has NO ‎sheikh the devil is his sheikh"

    they do not follow the prophet(pbuh) they follow ibn arabi esheikh el akbar , i call him "eshirk al ‎akbar"

    this Kafir who says:"he has seen God Allah" and before their sheikh "EL HALLAJ "he said=" ana el ‎haqq" iam God.because of this he was excuted.
    they pray god, i would say ESHEITAN(SATAN) with music and clapping.and they think they speak ‎with god.

    Hada houwa el kufr.this Kufr.

    they use FABRICATED Hadiths and they have NO PROOF from Kuran.they follow their sheikhs not ‎Prophet Mohammed/pbuh.

    Do not listen to them, it is SATAN who spaeks on their mouths.

    hafidan allahou wi ayyakoum min eshirk wel kufr.Amin
    ‎(here he calls me a kafir and another Sheikh, the total is 4 now) ‎

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    Now when I talk of double standards below is the way that Khokom dealt with the situation. Instead of saying to them look guys you should either stop or talk with more respect and then turning to me and saying pls refer to Ibn Taymiyya as Sheikh, he just turned and pulled me up and left them as if it is ok to call me and the Sheiyoukh I believe to be right KAFIRUN.

    ‎ Please, when you talk about Ibn Taymiyah rahimahu Allah, you should refer to him as Shaykhou ‎el Islam Ibn Taymiyah rahimahu Allah, this is the highest grade in rating scholars, there is no ‎higher.

    He learnt the whole Quran at the age of 10 and learn the Hadeeth, Fiqh and Aqeedah by the age ‎of 20, thats it after that he started giving fatawi, and he used to say, whenever people asked him ‎something he didnt know the answer to, he would go to the desert and say istighfaar (asking for ‎forgiveness) 1000 times and he said he would not comeback until he has an answer with him. ‎ ‎

    He mastered the fields of science, astronomy, medicine, sciences of hadeeth and everything ‎there is about Islam and more. He is a genius and I think there are three or two people only who ‎have the title Shaykhoul Islam, they are the only ones who reached that level.

    Some of the scholars back then described him saying, if you hear this man talk about fiqh, you ‎would think all his life he studied nothing but fiqh, if you hear him talk about astronomy, you ‎would think he dedicated all his life for astronomy only.

    So please, refer to him as Shaykhou el Islam Ibn Taymiyah ‎ ‎



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      I leave it in your hands Houda and will say no more about it.


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        Being a Moderator doesnt mean you don't have the right to contribute in discussions over here. I really don't see how Khokom is biased in his moderating?
        Elhenni no cigar !! Khokon is not even a moderator of the Religion section !!!

        On the other hand, calling somone kafir(disbeleiver) is not an insult under VCI rules. It's a free forum where people are exchanging their ideas. What you are Mezouri said loudly and clearly what you where hiding and you saiying implecitly worse when you declared that you don't pray behind a great part of muslims and that Ibn Taymia is not one of Ahl Sunna.


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          Being called a Kafir as a Muslim is insulting, but no more insulting than I've received on this forum.


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            So you are all agreed then.

            Glad to know where everyone stands.

            When people have insulted others on this site I have always been the first to defend each individual even if I didnt agree with the viewpoint I was defending. I did so out of a want to be impartial and respect others opinions. Even with regards to Samir I was the first to tell him off a few weeks ago and yesterday.

            You have all made yourselves very clear.



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              Yakhi Samir, above is not meant to be an attack on you. I have told many people on the site over the past weeks to behave not just you. I am included, I have made mistakes and said that I am sorry too.

              My point is simply to the Moderators in that if they want to kick you then they must also kick several other members who have said things out of order.

              If they dont kick them then they have no right to kick you.

              They must be balanced. Now if they dont know of others that have said things far worst than u have ever said then I am more than happy to bring those individuals to their attention.

              They should notice that I admit to my mistaes and I even openly come out and tell people to behave such as yourself and Jannah even though your are both my friends.

              My hisaab is with Allah, all of ours are such. Therefore the Moderators should be fair.

              I am not one to hold grudges or create some masterplan to get rid of everyone but I do call it how I see it, sometimes I may be wrong. I myself am of that character, there is not one person on this site who I dislike or hate even Mezouri who called me a Kafir.

              As a Muslim my heart is occupied with such love for Allah(swt) that I find no room for hate. I do find room for justice and that is what I am calling for.


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                Originally posted by samir--22
                Originally posted by HOUDA-K
                Being called a Kafir as a Muslim is insulting, but no more insulting than I've received on this forum.

                Ok so it is ok to call Elhanni Kaffir (very offensive word) whearea it is not possible for me to express feelings I genuinely have:
                Read what I wrote : Being called a Kafir as a Muslim is insulting.


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                  Originally posted by coolsimo
                  houda look up for your reputation and don't be a judge!
                  do what you want if you take this as an insult!
                  i think the matter needed to be setteled between samir and those they or he provoked ...not because he stinks like a rat...wallah welleetee khayba !
                  So why are YOU getting involed then ?


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                    Originally posted by HOUDA-K
                    Originally posted by samir--22
                    Originally posted by HOUDA-K
                    Being called a Kafir as a Muslim is insulting, but no more insulting than I've received on this forum.

                    Ok so it is ok to call Elhanni Kaffir (very offensive word) whearea it is not possible for me to express feelings I genuinely have:
                    Read what I wrote : Being called a Kafir as a Muslim is insulting.
                    What you actually wrote was the following:

                    I haven't been honored to sit in the presence of any Sheiks/ teachers etc.

                    Propher Muhammed {SAAW}said that he was sent to perfect character. Our scholars are his inheritors, and we have many examples and narrations throughout history until today of our Sheiks/ teachers etc, men and women, striving to observe the highest etiquette and to model it for their students.

                    The scholars of this deen, the men and women who have put their lives into studying it, so that they might pass the knowledge on to others, deserve a certain amount of respect from the rest of us on this forum, don't you think ?

                    The above to me doesnt address Mezouri or the fact that one should not go around souting off and calling others Kafirs.

                    Why is that, why is Mezouri untouchable??? are you really Mezouri??? Is Khokom really Mezouri???

                    Its like I said twice already, deal with that issue head on and I will have nothing to moan about, will I? Just let it be known that it is not correct for people to call me or anyone else that, failure to do so would infer that you agree.

                    You must be very clear in your approach so that we can all understand. I welcome the above comment you made in the Religion post and the comment you made above but they dont address the real issue.



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                      I see that Mark is here. Im sure from my previous posts you can see that I am a reasonable person Mark. There are individuals on the site and one main individual who has used the filthiest word towards me and those I hold close to me. The individual in called Mezouri and his posts are for all to see in the Religion section.

                      I have also posted his exact comments above with their links. I am not asking for him to be banned or taken behind a building and beaten. I have simply requested that the Moderators request him not do use such an insult and to address me tith the respect that I afford him.

                      Go through every post I have made and please find one instance where I have used filthy language towards him or anyone else.

                      I feel taht a lack of clear and precise action on the part of the Moderators even though they have full knowledge of what has gone on has by inference made it seem as if they agree with the views of Mezouri.

                      Thanks for your time.


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                        I’m well aware with what I wrote, I don’t require repetition khoya. Mezouri is not Khokom.

                        I’m sure Mezouri is aware with what he wrote, and I’m watching to see whether he’ll retract his comments in his own will or if s/hebelieves in what s/he says is to be fine then we’ll deal with it when he comes online & airs his/her view.


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                          Speak for yourself!

                          Originally posted by samir--22
                          Lol simo you are a true joker you make everybody laugh

                          stay arround man


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                              Originally posted by HOUDA-K
                              Originally posted by mezouri
                              You are a liar.Ibn Taymiyyah rahimallah HAS BITTERLY fought ETTOROKIYA like your Sufi Kadiriyya and bidáh (innovation)

                              Your sheick comes from GILAN in do not know even your sheikh, Stick to his "stick" he will take you to pardise, blind smart ass.wake up from your khilwah (seclusion) and kick out SHAYTAN from your heart before it is too late,

                              we are the main stream ahl el jamma and sunnah.stop your desinformation and bidah , you have caused a lot devision among Ummmah.go back to the Quran and Sunnah.
                              the prophet mohammed(pbuh) said" tankassim oummati ila 73 firkah(sects) koullouha fi nnar(hell) except one.they asked which one? he said "ma ana alaih" ah ussunnah wa el jammaa.
                              Brother, nothing is gained by your calling El Henni names. Find common ground and attempt to bridge understanding.
                              Thankyou Houda.

                              Wassalamu Alaikum


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