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Am I banned?

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  • Am I banned?

    If so why nobody told me so I wont bother posting anymore?!

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    By posting this, you've presumably answered your own question.



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      But why my posts disappear in few seconds?
      Do you find this funny?


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        Admin has been asked to review your status and pending her decision no more posts will be accepted from you.


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          Are you banned?

          na9am, permanently.

          You and your brain-damaged buddy are both permanently banned.

          Now you can both squeal and cry like two little boys locked out the house but who want to sneak in and crap all over the carpets.

          Now you can spend hours, day and night, expending your energy on showing us all what an obsessive pair of losers you are. But you know what all that effort is going to achieve, don't you?

          That's right, nothing. yalla but it amuses me

          Just remember one thing as you sulk and squeal and throw your cyber tantrums.

          You brought it on yourselves, ya 7mar7ole.


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            Tell me, are you crying with rage when you post all those obscene IDs?

            Are you happy with the sick, lying, hypocritical man you have become?

            Are you proud that everyone can see how disgusting you really are?

            Are you yet aware that it's all over and you lost?

            Don't you know?

            I know you're upset.

            There, there, there, you must be exhausted with all the crying and all the impotent effort you're making.

            And you're still banned too, and staying banned - it's just not your lucky day is it?


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              Get help, lazhar. You have become very ill indeed. Seriously wallah, you need to get some kind of help because you are having some kind of breakdown.

              You can't achieve anything here, your pathetic IDs don't bother me in the slightest. But it is clear that you are becoming increasingly ill.

              You aren't going to get back in here, it is over. Take some personal responsibility and try to fight the hatred that has you in its grip. You owe it to yourself to become well again, lazhar. You are only destroying yourself acting as you are right now.


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                Poor, poor lazhar. So you are a boob analyst and interested in anal sex now, are you?

                Reduced to filthy IDs and now sex references? If you get any lower you'll squash your friend in the gutter.

                It's sad to see it, a man your age and with your gifts behaving like a complete idiot. But you are revealing a side of yourself that you hid from others so it's not all bad, is it?


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                  Who are you going to claim 'made you' post all the filth, lazhar?

                  It's funny the way all you sickos are reduced to porn in the end, isn't it? Now we can see something of your obsessions - and you don't look too well or too good, lazhar.


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           lazzhar reading 'Am I banned?' December 9th

                    So now you know that I know that you know that I know how very ill you are.

                    I've got all your IPs, you can never register with any of them and so you're only wasting your time and making yourself more sick.

                    Have some dignity and go and seek help, spiritual and psychiatric. You need it.


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                      You don't seem to care about young girls, women, Muslims or anyone else having to see your pornographic fantasies and abuse posted to the board, do you lazhar? You don't object to me calling you lazhar, or would you prefer me to use your actual name?

                      I don't mind, if you want me to use your real name here, in discussing your obsession, your sexual weirdness and generally bizarre behavior I can.

                      Remember how you wrote to the administrator asking her to delete all the posts relating to music and other uploads you had made here? And all the downloads you had requested?

                      What was it you said? That you were afraid of a potential employer doing an Internet search and finding that you had breached copyright, that was it.

                      A bit hypocritical, eh, when you were set on launching your own accusations.

                      But I think an employer would be more fascinated with how mentally sick you have become, your work has to be suffering while you obsess here and display how unhealthy your mind is.

                      Don't you think you should stand over all your obscene creations and put your real name to them? Then there will no doubts at all about who and how you really are.


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                        So pious lazhar turns out to be a guy who gets his kicks posting obscenities, eh?

                        No surprise there really, you used the name of Allah in a false apology as a tactic while you were simultaneously working to get the site shut down so your religious hypocrisy is just on a par with your personal dishonesty and hypocrisy.

                        Tell the truth, lazhar. You like twisted abusers of women and porn freaks - that's why you voted to keep Funky here, that's why you tried and failed to champion your brain-damaged buddy, that's why you spoke up for elghoul the sick sender of threats to women, you think offending and insulting and threatening women is no big deal. It's all to do with your anal sex fantasies and the rest of your filthy dreaming, isn't it?

                        You are a sick and sorry mess and this display of your mind should be enough to sicken the people who were fooled by you.


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                          Guest Viewing Thread Am I banned?

                          There you are again lazhar.

                          I might shift this thread to the main board today, and add to it some very interesting extracts from emails and pms you have been sending and conversations you have been having that disgusted people have supplied to me.

                          I can totally expose you as the hate-filled liar that you are and I am very, very tempted to shame you here before everyone that you have been lying to.

                          I have said nothing in the face of your lies and abuse.

                          But when I start you won't be able to show your lying, hypocritical face here again. You might forget that you have been saying one thing to some people and something else to others. But by now every member here knows that I don't say anything unless I have evidence for it. And I have enough to bury you, you sick, sad and sorry fool.


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                            Do you enjoy revealing your obsession with anal sex to the female members here, lazhar? Is it turning you on to post all the filth you are posting? Are you going to try to claim that you were 'forced to do it'? Are you seriously expecting people to believe that you had no other alternative than to reveal your depraved mind?

                            I am pleased that you are permanently banned because a diseased mind like yours isn't the kind of mind we want here.

                            Yeah, we all know that you have no choice but to behave like a disgusting pervert - after all, it is what you obviously are.


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                              what a shock! what a shame why he wants to ruin the atmosphere here... i've been watching all morning to such filthy logg -in-names why he wants to logg in anyway? if he is this sickminded? i had never expected such behaviour from him a disgrace, his friends must be like him
                              Get some mental treatment lazhar.


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