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Am I banned?

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    I'm sure the FBI will have dozens of guys lining up for a chance to spend a few years reading newspaper and magazine articles and getting paid to do it. I wouldn't imagine that your insane beliefs will be given top priority so don't hold your breath waiting.

    And anti-piracy police you say? Well, as I haven't pirated anything I'm sure they won't be too interested in responding to your sick obsession either.

    Get help Lazhar, go and get help. Your friends, if you have any, should be counselling you now and advising you to give up your demented obsession and seek help.


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      OK Lazhar, generating spam to flood my email account constitutes harassment.

      Now, in addition to VCI, I have grounds to take legal action against you.

      You were warned of the consequences of continuing with your insane campaign against this site and now there seems little alternative but to ensure that you are dealt with by the proper authorities.

      The personal cost to you is going to be very high but do not for one minute see yourself as a victim, you have gone out of your way to bring trouble upon yourself.

      It is a shame that you have no friends in your life to help you to become well and to see the folly of your sick behavior.


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        From : lazhar Rekik <>
        Sent : Tuesday, December 12, 2006 1:25 PM
        To : al-khiyal
        Subject : RE:

        ....I forgot to tell you that I've got your IP address and it's not hard to reach you.....


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          It is for you, Lazhar, because you are very stupid.

          Being threatened by you is as terrifying as watching a comedy - except you and your delusions are funnier.

          Go and get help, you really need it.


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            All deals are off, sicko.

            Prepare yourself for some major life changes.


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