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    Just wanted to post a reply

    I think I waste my time with you repeting that that was a joke, as you could have seen the sign

    And Cheba Mami, if some one used you to do or say smth, that does not mean this is happening to me too. What I said was just a joke, and not racism, and came from ME and nobody else.

    SALAM people, as I said in a post before this. Get the meaning of it!

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    We are quite accustomed to your semantics and the elasticity of truth when it is in your hands, El_Djazair.

    Your attempt to inject a racist slant into matters that are absolutely none of your business can be seen for what it is. And your support for those abusing this site can be seen in exactly the same light.

    But you don't speak for Algerians and you have difficulty speaking authentically for yourself.


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      I had no racist idea when I wrote what i wrote, but I think You were more pissed off because I replied?! I don't know and I don't care, as I know I say the truth right now, no matter what You say.
      What do you continue on and on with the same thing?? Is this the inquisition? They insist till the innocent admitted did things that s/he never did?

      Anyway, you think whatever you want, as I know I wrote that and nobody else.
      It was a joke, and that was it !
      I do not speak in the name of someone else. If I would have done that, I would have said it.


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        No you wouldn't because you are utterly and completely dishonest.

        You are an absolute stranger to telling the truth.

        So the incredible coincidence of your relaying the same racist crap as your banned friend isn't going to be read as coincidence by anyone with any sense.

        You are not, fortunately, and never will be, responsible for how this site is administered.

        So why don't you just stick to what you know and run around telling lies elsewhere?


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          I don't care what you think is the truth or not, as God is my witness i sais the truth.

          You are far too abusive saying I never said the truth, as you well know I did. But hey! If the fact that only one of the words I say to you you don't agree with means I've never told the truth, than, yes, I never did.

          You try to be honest with yourself too.


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            Honesty - real honesty - is something you need to work on.

            Whatever motivates you to tell the lies and then issue the denials that you do, despite a mountain of evidence of your dishonesty, is something that you should be paying attention to.

            How this site is run, who by, and what for, are clearly things beyond your comprehension.

            You can read, you can post or you can not bother doing either.

            Just keep your attempts to poison members with racist nonsense off this site from now on.


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              Comon you guys Stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              This is supposed to be a forum of fun , where pepeole from all around the world meet and share what ever they have to share , culture , musique history , cuisine .
              This site is meant to be a place of lightness and information

              Not a war zone

              Now Cool it please


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                @ nedjma

                Spot on!


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                  Yes nedjma, I totally agree

                  Al K, you can post 1000 times the same post, that does not mean I'm telling lies

                  Who I poisoned with lies? Did I went around trying to convince pepople you lie and I say the truth? is this a forum og who's more convincing than the other?

                  First time I joined it was peace and quite, everyone had fun, mods were interacting with the members by posting I mean, and did not made this bossy image of themselves.
                  Should I be reduced to silence because I think different? Isn't this the main cause of such many wars in the world??
                  Was I racists? I totally disagree, and I repet for the 3?4?5? time : it was a joke, you like it or not!

                  How this forum is runs? I don't really care!


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                    I guess I'm talking to walls

                    Do you remember that movie "If walls could talk "

                    Guys I'm serious Basta now!! , I'm getting upset , I loged on so I can relax and read fun , now I'm upset
                    And when I'm upset I'can't sleep well


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                      Peace and quiet?

                      Infested with trolls, with stalkers, with moderators who were stripped of their position for gross abuses, with people who routinely abused others? That was peace and quiet, was it? Where people who got banned for disgusting behavior were routinely allowed back to do the same thing again? Where women were preyed upon and insulted and threatened? Those were the 'good old days' were they?

                      Yeah, right.

                      I recall you telling me how hostile and excluding it was, how you thought that the treatment of non-Algerians was very unpleasant. Now you are singing a new song.

                      Try harder than to make things up as you go along. You're a little old for that kind of behavior now.


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                        El_Djazair is used to telling a new story a minute.

                        She isn't getting away with her lies here.


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                          MNARVI WIN RAK ??

                          Now ana MNARVIA
                          I should really change identity into Miss MNARVIA ahemm
                          To bad I dont have one of those smilies with looong eyelashes that open and close . Help any one


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                            Originally posted by nedjma95 View Post
                            Comon you guys Stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            This is supposed to be a forum of fun , where pepeole from all around the world meet and share what ever they have to share , culture , musique history , cuisine .
                            This site is meant to be a place of lightness and information

                            Not a war zone

                            Now Cool it please

                            WAAAAAW !!
                            what happened ???

                            nedjma95 is really right .

                            Let's enjoy this forum without war.

                            And then , Al-khiyal is Forum's leader.
                            So I trust him 120%.


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                              For a minute there i though you forgot what we talked about back in the past.

                              Well, yes I said that, but you don't have to multiplicated 10000 times, do you? You know (I hope) very well what I said.

                              I do not lie, but you keep saying I'm a total dishonest liar, and it will be to say lies. I tried to be light, but it seems that in here is no use...

                              Nedjam, I don't know that movie...


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