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    Is it possible to see who is online. This used to be below the forum index. Has it been disabled?

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    It has. The facility was being used by the perverted freak Lazhar Rekik and his cowardly boyfriend in Canada to target and attack members, and was also being abused by other unhealthy and obsessive individuals who used it to monitor the female targets of their (unwelcome) interest.


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      Ar such a shame that this site seems to be targetted so much by freaks who ruin it for everyone else!!


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        They only shame themselves. Consideration of the online safety of decent people governs the removal or modification of features being used by a few abusive and obsessive fools. In reality the site has not suffered at all and the freaks have been reduced to impotence while membership and visitor numbers have greatly increased - without them. And free of such trolls and abusive idiots, the site's Algerian content has skyrocketed and several new features have been added for the benefit of the site's members and readership.


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          Its sad to hear such facts, but truly life is having many troublemakers !!

          any ways>>>> look at the full half of the CUP


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