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  • Some questions


    I am using this forum since a couple of days and wanted to know how can we be alerted when we receive new messages (PMs & replies to threads).

    I'm someone who likes a lot using smileys but I notice there is a little choice on my right, couldn't you add some more please?

    Having said that I'm really curious to see if the smiley () is used by Algerians?! This is typically Saoudian for me!

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    It can't be a Saudi - it's smiling

    I'll consult an expert about your other questions, I think that there is a settings feature that takes care of them but I am not certain of that.

    We'll see what can be done about increasing the smiley options too!


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      Okay, great! It'll be a real mess if I post many messages and then spend time to search for them.

      The smiley is definitely not Algerian! Men's Shamagh Scarves aren't worn in Algeria.


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        We'll find an appropriate one somewhere, eh?


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          Nice smiley! but I fear I don't have such a sense of patriotism..

          Another question:

          Why are there a lots of underlined words within the texts leading to other links (dictionary..). This is really annoying.


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            Another point:

            Could we be automatically subscribed to the threads we participate in? It will save us time.


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              If you go to your 'user-control panel' you'll find that you can activate a number of 'personal preferences' settings, including the options to be notified by e-mail about any private messages received (You don't have to touch that one, it's been done for you ), as well as e-mail notification about replies to threads that you've opted to be subscribed to. So, if you want 'e-mail alerts' either for a thread you're particularly interested in, or one that you've posted to and would like to track replies to, just use your settings to subscribe to those threads.

              There is no automatic notification system, as previous feedback has shown that most people prefer to 'opt in' to an alert system instead of receiving e-mails every time a thread gets a post.

              As for the 'underlined words' - those are random 'internally generated external advertisements' (not to be confused with the dark green words, which are links to sources), which play a part in helping the site to pay for its own upkeep. If you keep your cursor away from them, they won't intrude on your browsing. Some people click on them, some don't, some hate them passionately, some just ignore them. You'll find that they don't stay around forever on any post - sometimes 'new' intrusions take their place.


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                Do you send messages to members informing them about a given discussion, or else? In a way to let them join & keep them active.


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                  The way it works is that members choose to 'opt in' or not. By going to your User CP (up near the top of your page, on the left of the screen) you can choose how to fix your settings. Selecting 'Subscribe to threads'and 'Notify by email' is the way to get notification of any new responses / posts to threads that you're interested in keeping track of.

                  On the same line as the User CP there is a 'New posts' feature, that people can use to see when new posts have been added to particular threads, or if brand new threads have been posted.


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                    who's TonyStarks!!!

                    i found him as a moderator but i couldnt figure out in which section he's more specialized !


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                      You can check who moderates on various sections here.


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                        i believe we need an activity which makes the site daily visited

                        why not make smt interesting as voting, opinions or any active actions??

                        lets c what we can ADD as a real joy for people

                        4 the best


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                          Salam, ya eyad

                          Thousands of people visit this site each day. It is the most visited site of all the VCI sites. The options that you suggest are already here - you can create polls to obtain opinions, or polls to obtain votes.

                          Personally speaking, I don't care at all whether people log-in, log-out, post or don't post - they are all adults and nobody is under any pressure to 'perform'. In the last three years the number of people using the site each day has risen from a few dozen to thousands - so evidently there is something here that is informing and entertaining them and bringing them here in ever increasing numbers.

                          I don't juggle, eat fire or do any kinds of tricks - I think that the majority of people who come here come for information, and there is a lot of that here.


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                            Au debut, i dont know why you got so fire !!!

                            alors, my point is to make one of the section visited daily, as a fresh delightful data

                            this comes by some new ideas.. je crois oui


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