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    You know I am one of your fans and I hope you won't take this the wrong way.

    The 'New Posts' tool which is intended to flag fresh contributions to discussions isn't performing the function it was meant for.

    It is quite often drowned by one or the other contributors to the exclusion of others. For example, I posted a new thread today which vanished within minutes as if dissolved!

    Shouldn't it be allowed to reflect variety, to spice it up a bit ?

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    Salam akhi,

    What exactly was the problem with the 'dissolved' post? When I checked 'new posts' I could see your posts from today on the list. The 'new posts' function is user-specific - if you have read the new posts, then they won't show up as 'new' for you if you check again. Effectively, the 'new posts' check will show you 'What's new since last time I checked'. Anyone surfing in who hasn't read a thing all day will get the full list. If you want to follow discussions on particular threads only, then you can go to your user control panel and subscribe to those threads, that way you'll get an email alert any time a reply is made to any of them.


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      New posts button

      'User specific' ? You mean it shows different things for different people?

      Let me put the question another way.

      Would it be possible for the New Posts button to give all members access to a list of all the past contributions within say the past 24 hours, instead of showing only the last 2 or 3 ? That way it draws your attention to other contributions that you may want to look at, knowing that they are 'fresh', not just the ones you usually visit.

      Am I making sense? lol


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        You're making sense, we're just crystallizing the mystery.

        Yes, the list will appear different to different people. The magic of cookies allows the site to only show to an individual searcher what is new since that person last checked. So, theoretically, one hundred people could surf in and read different threads and if they each then searched for 'what's new' they'd be shown any new posts made that they had not read - and the list could be different for all of them. The feature is 'time specific' I think, so if they all left and returned an hour or so later, their search would only show any posts made in the time that they had been away. But someone who had not been on the site all day, surfing in hours afterwards, would still get the 'full list' of new posts. Possibly, if you 'clear cookies' when logging out, that might result in you being treated as 'visiting for the first time' when you come back again. That's an experiment I haven't ever done myself, so I cannot vouch for its efficacy.


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          All is clear now. Thanks AL-KHIYAL.

          One more thing, totally unrelated and purely out of curiosity. When you chose the name AL-KHIYAL , did you mean it to be understood as ''the shadow'' (colloq) or '' the stallion'' (plur) ?

          Silly question!!

          PS: Did you by any chance teach at the Language Centre in York in the 1980s?
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            Mmm, no room for a laugh then. OK.


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              Salam akhi,

              Not sulking, I was away for much of this day.

              ana min al-3iraq - 'khiyal' can also mean 'ghost' with us, and as I haunted the site for a time before registering, it seemed OK for me.

              York? Oooop Norf in Ingerland? la2, I was never teaching there. All my language learning came from the student's side of the classroom


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                A bit of praise for a change-and why not ?!

                Hi Al-Khiyal

                The Prophet Mohammad said, ''If you like/admire someone, tell them about it''.

                Where do you get your prodigious linguistic competence from AL-KHIYAL and how come you also know French, and who knows what else, too?

                I have noticed how prolific you are in many areas of discussion, and how measured and appropriate your responses to readers' threads are.

                I take my hat off to you akhi. Please keep up the good work.
                (Got to go, I'm getting addicted to this site!)


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                  Before you run, check your messages


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                    What a silly title
                    ''Spice up New Posts Tool''!

                    ''Would it be possible for the New Posts button to give all members access to a list of the previous contributions within say the past 24 hours...?''

                    '' Course it is, deuuuh!'', he says answering his own question. There's also more than one way of doing that[I'm a bit smarter now, so I can tell, hee hee!]. Anyway, If you want a very quick glance at all of today's posts, simply click on 'Quick Links' above, then on 'today's posts' and taraaaa! You're there!

                    Don't anyone tell me, ''I told you so!'', not even AL-KHIYAL!! (lol)

                    PS: Still waiting for some 'darn safe' new smilies! I don't think we,ve got enough variety.


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                      "Sirs Can We Have Some Forum AVATARS Please?"

                      Funny Avatars, Muslim Avatars, Nature, Art, Symbols,etc.

                      Admin, would it be too difficult to implement the following suggestion?

                      Bearing in mind that we don't have to do what 'others' are doing elsewhere, I would still like to suggest you make available to all users the option to use a distinctive, identifying Forum AVATARS. I know that desert wind already has one, but this isn't about 'copy cat'. [By the way, it shouldn't be bigger than 15 mm x15mm, otherwise it's too big & a distraction.] AVATARS add colour to the forum page, and that's a good thing. [Pleasant to look at]

                      So, I've done a bit of research and I know you can get hundreds of them for free.They range from the cutest to the ugliest / naughtiest ! Some of the very best are MUSLIM AVATARS. Many glitter. Some are animated etc. Users can also use their own pictures which would be converted into Avatars.Surely you know all this already. Anyway, it's a suggestion...that would truly spice up our posts!!

                      Below is a list of links for AVATARS, taken from the 1st 5 pages of google. I have only tried ONE combination of words in my search. ' Free Muslim Avatars' has not been researched, hence not included, but very highly recommended.


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                        This isn't really a question for the site administrator as, once again, it refers to something that you can simply do for yourself. It doesn't require any admin action - the administrator has already given you the option to add an avatar to your profile. As you have noted, 'Desert winds' does indeed have an avatar. Ergo, people can use avatars on the site. User control panel: 'Edit Avatar'

                        The one hard rule about using avatars here is that the use of personal photographs will not be permitted, i.e. any picture identifying an individual is out and any attempts to by-pass this rule will result in an 'avatar delete'.

                        I don't care what is done on other sites, the sick and revolting abuse perpetrated here in the past means that no personal information will ever be permitted on the boards - and people should have more sense than to post such information anywhere online.


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                          Thank you very much Al-Khiyal!! You made it SO simple too. So, anyone can have an AVATAR now. Brilliant. Watch the flood! By the way, I thought my Avatar would be more suited for you and really realy hesitated before I chose it. So, you can have it if you want it. I've got loads more. Maybe you can think of an even better one for yourself ["I don't need one" Is that what you're going to say? (I can be irritating, I know!)] I think we have the best website on the planet!


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                            Users, remember that you can use a picture of your favourite football team as an AVATAR, or the Algerian flag, or anything that says something about you, as long as it is clean and decent.


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