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Try this dumb method to track your favourite threads!

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  • Try this dumb method to track your favourite threads!

    I can't remember who said this before me in this forum, but it's so easy to lose track of all the threads you're interested in!

    I've tried to go by the Forum Jump list and the New Posts without much success. Everything changes so quickly (which isn't a bad thing). Until recently, I always struggled to find one thread or another. And because I'm stubborn, I just keep looking for ages feeling a bit frustrated.

    To save time, I thought of a dumb way to solve the problem. Bearing in mind that I am a novice net surfer, I decided to create a shortcut for each of my favourite threads and put them all in a new file I labelled So, all the threads now appear on a list with a shortcut to click on whenever I wanted to check for new posts. Cest du bricolage, je sais, but it works for me.

    Go on, tell me how ridiculous my idea is. (lol)


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    If it works for you, keep with it

    There is always the automated method - go to User Control Panel (User CP, visible on the broad green band near the top of your page, far left of the 'New Posts' link), and subscribe to any threads that you're interested in tracking. That will fix things so that if any reply or new post is added to any of those threads, you'll receive an email notification.


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