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    Hi Everyone

    We have recently added a new Poll feature to the Homepage.

    Would you like to contribute to We would appreciate it if you would post suggestions for poll topics in this thread.

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    Great Idea !!

    Got a few suggestions for you

    * Best / most helpful moderator

    * Best forum contributor

    * Best football player in Algeria / the world at the moment

    * Best goal of the week/ month/year

    * Best sportsman ever

    * Best TV programme at the mo.

    * Worst divers in football...[or any of the above?]

    * Favourite...[any of the above?]

    * Favourite Olympic Games event

    * Favourite Algerian meal

    * Favourite TV character in ...[eg Little Mosque on the Prairie / Friends etc]

    * What's the best / worst TV show on the planet at the mo.? [or ever?]

    * Which character would you like to get rid of in ... [ TV programme]

    * If you could date a TV character [or Moderator!!], who would you choose?

    I hope that helps.

    PS: For more ideas see
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      Here are a few more suggestions

      By the way, could you possibly include some of these:

      Suggest a New Poll] [ View Current Poll Results] [ View Previous Poll Results] [Submit Polls ?

      * How did you find ?

      ( ) A friend told me
      ( ) A relative told me
      ( ) Another forum mentioned it
      ( ) Bumped into it by accident
      ( ) Search engine

      *How often do you visit

      ( ) Once a day
      ( ) More than once a day
      ( ) Once a week
      ( ) More than once a week
      ( ) Whenever I have time

      * By searching this site, I get answers to ...

      ( ) 100% of my questions
      ( ) 75% of my questions
      ( ) 50% of my questions
      ( ) 25% of my questions
      ( ) Less than 25% of my questions


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        Originally posted by BACK2MYROOTS View Post

        *How often do you visit
        *Opens file*

        I reckon we know the answer to that one

        I've seen 'ancient members' drifting in - offline - as well as newcomers and 'offline regulars'. There's also a site log of where people arrive from, each time they visit (as there is on most sites). An IP address is like a luminous footprint on the Internet - and every site anyone visits captures a record of it. Google watches very carefully, as do other advertising-related outfits, and they plant advertisements on some of the pages you visit based upon their knowledge of your surfing habits. The Internet is potentially a very valuable resource, but it's also a major data-mining environment - with a host of 'watchers', some benign, some not so benign.


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          Wow!! Thanks Al-Khiya. Better watch out... Oh, I had a feeling you might say what you said about the 2nd question. Dunno why I included it. Couple more questions:
          What languages do you speak at home? [ Arabic, Berber, French, English, Other ?] ; What's your favourite foreign food? [ Spicy Indian, Chinese, Italian, French, Other?]; and Do you think fuel costs will continue to rise next year? [ Yes, No, I don't know, I don't care].
          Obviously questions could be more serious or trivial (even funny).


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            The loneliness of monitoring

            A snapshot from one moment of the evening of November 20, 2009:

            That's a glimpse of Forum activity, there are also logs for who is using other parts of the site at the same time.


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              Bloody amazing!!


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                About the present poll guys, I would say that it shouldn't be there for longer than a week, otherwise it's boring.

                Secondly, it's tucked on the side of the page without explanation or anything to attract the attention.

                Thirdly, you have obviously opted for a 'closed question format' for statistical purposes. However, the choice of 'categories' to choose from needs to be justified. So, people may ask why wasn't Oran, or Mostaganem etc. included ? So, it has to make sense. In other contexts, the category 'Other destination' would be included, but that wouldn't be practical here, would it?

                PS: On second thoughts, you could simply add the option 'Other' and not bother with details (bit lazy, but ok). Other options still need to be well selected.
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                  OK Admin, I think that by now you realise that you're not going to get a flood of suggestions, unfortunately. I have offered a few, but you're going to have to do the rest yourselves. It's a matter of presentation really. The chosen spot and design aren't exactly very exciting! Elsewhere, I noticed that they included a 'button' to click on to see 'the results so far' in %. See how lifeless our poll is?! C'mon guys, do something...I'm tempted to say " Don't start something you can't finish!" [There, I said it.]


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                    Just to clarify, akhi

                    The questions that suggestions are invited for should relate to Algeria, not to the forum. The 'site' is one entity, doing whatever work it is intended to do, the forum is another thing entirely, albeit a special part of the overall site. The poll isn't about the forum - we once had an option to make all the polls we wanted in here and after an initial wave of (rigged) elections it didn't get anything like regular use. Each day the site (outside the forum) gets visitors, some of whom make their way in here, and the forum has its own hard-core regulars who come to check out the threads.

                    So most of your initial suggestions, being forum-specific, wouldn't really belong 'out there'. I think the prototype poll is a sample tryout, until more focused questions are compiled. There was a recent bereavement affecting the administration staff, and I doubt that the poll was a priority last week.


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                      Who is designing the polls, Al-Khiyal?! I hate being picky, but other people are almost certainly going to see the same flaw as I do. But before that, hat off for the change. However, the 'options' need to be of the same category. In a restaurant, you don't offer people a choice between starters and desserts mixed together. So, shorba and bread are out...Please get the items to choose from right. And, sorry for nagging.


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                        Thank you for your suggestions, we will take them into consideration.


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                          Something just occurred to me (from experience in edu. research). If you really want to ask GOOD, relevant questions, in research, polls etc, then you must start with a Pilot Mini Research first. For this forum, it would be starting with an open question. For example, Q: What is your favourite holiday destination in Algeria? From that, you gather ideas and stats. The ones that occur most often will emerge, hopefully, depending on response rate. You can then select your categories from that and design your poll question (s). Doing it this way will ensure VALIDITY and interest from voters.


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