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Algerian passports...hmmm

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  • Algerian passports...hmmm

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me. My fiancé needs to get an Australian visa for travel. There is no embassy in Algeria and he has been told he cannot send his passport, even by courier, out of Algeria.

    There must be lots of you who have applied for visas from countries without an embassy within Algeria and who, therefore have had to find a way around this.

    What do we do??

    The embassy suggested he fly to Cairo to have the visa put in....this seems so ridiculous. :O

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    try going to tunisia ?


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      Thanks Nouha but we don't have an embassy there...

      As it turns out Algerians are having to go outside the country to get their visas...crazy, but true.


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        DANG!! good luck


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          i realise this is probably a bit late - but yes - Cairo deal with all Australian visas from North Africa, including Algeria. When we asked we were told that yes, my fiancee would need to travel to Cairo and lodge all the relevant paperwork and complete any medical assessments required. A friend of mine had a lot of trouble with the Australian Embassy in Cairo. She lived in Cairo and married a Sudanese/Egyptian man, and it took nearly 18 months and an appeal to get his Australian visa approved. Thanks God they are together in Australia now for 5 weeks and going strong!!!
          My fiancee and i are now both in the UK and we'll arrange our Aussie visa from there. (I have British/Irish citizenship as well).
          Hope everything turned out well for u!!!


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            Slightly late, but still nice, thank you. We have already gone about it another way and are now married. Now on to the next stage. I'm sure that stage two will also come with it's difficulties but it will all work out in the end inshAllah.


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