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Accommodation letter/Attestation D'accueil

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  • Accommodation letter/Attestation D'accueil

    Hi there! Hope someone can help. I'm trying to get a visa to visit my partner and his family in Algeria. He sent me the certificate of accommodation, but put my parents address by mistake, and not my home address. It was put in the section to do with MY details. Obviously, I'm not living at my parents address.
    I've tried to contact the Consulate, but I know sometimes they don't respond by phone or email. What I need to know, is if anyone has had their visa application rejected because of this mistake. All other details are correct. I don't want to send everything and have to start all over again!! Thanks.

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    I have my visa now so I'm feeling very happy!! Only thing is, they spelt my surname wrong only by one letter. It's really very insignificant. A little worried, but I should be ok. If anyone has any good advice for my first visit, let me know!!


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