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Algiers, with a total population of 2.9 million inhabitants, is the largest and most important city in Algeria. Little wonder then that it is also the country's capital city. It is nicknamed "Alger La Blanche" or "Algiers the White" because of the glistening white buildings that can be seen sloping up from the sea. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea, in the Central region of the country. A number of surrounding cluster of islets have been turned into a part of the port.

Algiers is Algeria’s main administrative center and also the country’s main harbor, serving as both a shipping center and a principal Mediterranean refueling station. The main industries of Algiers are oil refining, metal works, food, and petrochemicals. The main export products are iron, grain, citrus fruit, wine, phosphates, oil, and vegetables.

There are many interesting things to see and do in Algiers, and visitors can learn a lot about Algeria’s history and culture the many museums dotted around the city. Algiers’ museums are certainly worth visiting. In addition to the museums, Algiers has many public buildings of interest, including the whole casbah quarter, the Roman Catholic Cathedral, and the Grand and New Mosques

The main building of the Algiers Casbah was built in 1516 on the site of an older building and served as the Palace Of The Deys until the French conquest. A road has been cut through the center of the building, the mosque turned into barracks and the hall of audience allowed to fall into ruin. Today there are still some remains and traces of a minaret, as well as some marble arches and columns and some pieces of the vaults in which the treasures of the Dey were stored.

The Grand Mosque is the oldest mosque in Algiers. It is said that this building already existed in 1018. The beautiful interior of the mosque is square and is divided into aisles by columns that are joined by Moorish arches. The New Mosque is in the form of a Greek cross and dates back to the 17th century. It is surrounded by a huge white cupola and with four small cupolas at the corners. The interior of this mosque is very much the same as that of the Grand Mosque.

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