Travel and Tourism in the North East region of Algeria, Algeria

The North East region of Algeria is diverse and fascinating to say the least. With its majestic rugged coastline, high plains, breathtaking mountain ranges, picturesque farmlands and sunny beaches, tourist flock to the various cities and towns located here. Algeria has many noteworthy sites and historical attractions scattered across its wonderful landscapes, and in the North East region, visitors will find a new discovery in every destination. Traveling through this region is a great experience, presenting an opportunity to explore the true beauty of the country.

Significant cities such as Timgad, Djemila, Annaba, Constantine, Batna and Setif are all located in Algeria’s North East region. The fourth largest city in Algeria is Annaba and it is situated in the Annaba Province. Known for its exciting and varied nightlife, and being home to some of the best beaches in the country, Annaba is a popular destination. Batna Province nestles the quaint city of Batna, with numerous religious buildings and a warm atmosphere to welcome visitors. When it comes to historical destinations, visitors should look no further than Djemila which is famous for its museums, stunning collections of artifacts and the most well preserved Roman ruins in North Africa.

Visitors to Algeria will find modern facilities, beautiful historic attractions, breathtaking cities and memorable scenery in the North East. It is a region that combines the wonders of nature and the lifestyle of a modern society perfectly. Discover the North East region, and find the heart of Algerian beauty.

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