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  • Events

    Several events, celebrations and festivals are held in Algeria each year. Such celebrations may be religious, cultural or political in nature. We've mentioned a few of them here to help our users learn more about Algerian events.Independence Day is celebrated on 5 July and commemorates Algeria's independence from France in 1962. Revolution Day is held as a reminder of the organized ...

  • Attractions

    Art Galleries

    There are a number of art galleries in Algeria that are well worth visiting as they provide insight into the culture and lives of the people who call this fascinating North African country home. Some art galleries focus on contemporary art whilst others might be more appropriately termed "museums" as they display artworks from bygone days. Algerian artwork may take the form of sculpture, ...

  • Activities

    Golf Courses

    Golfing enthusiasts are known to try to include a round of golf wherever they may be visiting, and while Algeria is not exactly what might be termed a golfer's paradise, there are some golf courses for visitors to enjoy a game at. The Arab world has been exposed to golf since World War I when the British introduced the game to Egypt, eventually finding its way to Algeria.

  • Travel

    Airport guides

    Algeria has a large number of civilian airports that are open to general use. Airports dealing with the arrival and departure of international flights have a customs department, whilst airports servicing domestic traffic have none. The vast majority of Algeria's airports are paved and easily accessible, but some of the airports in outlying areas may be nothing more than an airstrip, which ...