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    Newspapers in Algeria are a vital forum of information for the population. Literate individuals who do not have access to televisions and radios can get up-to-date news from one of the country's many newspapers. Some of Algeria's newspapers are available online. This is a great way to find out what the situation in the country is and can give you insight into the culture, lifestyle and ...

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    Though the country of Algeria has seen a number of cultural and linguistic influences during the course of its long history, it would seem that Arabic, French and Berber influences have been the strongest. Arabic is the official language of the country and is spoken by roughly 80% of the population. Berber was recognized as a national language in 2002 and is spoken by at least 20% of the ...

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    Algeria's official language is Arabic, which is spoken by an estimated 81% of the population. All official documents are printed in Arabic and those from non-Arab households usually learn the language in school. Arabic has been the official language of the country since 1963. More recently, Berber has become recognized as one of the country's national languages. This occurred in 2002 and is ...