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  • National Parks

    Gouraya National Park

    The Bejaia Province of Algeria is home to the picturesque coastal national park, Gouraya National Park. Its name is derived from the breathtaking Gouraya Mountain that is located in the park and its intimidating six hundred and sixty meter features are not easily missed. In addition to the mountain, the cliffs and clean beaches of Gouraya National Park make it a popular attraction in the ...

  • Regions


    Referring to Central Algeria, does not specifically mean the centre of the country, but in the case of Algeria, where the capital city is located. Algiers is therefore situated in Central Algeria, along the Mediterranean Coast. Cities such as Bouire, Tizi Ouzou, Medea, Blida and Boumerdes are all located in Central Algeria. Algiers is not only the capital city of the country, it is also the ...