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    Canadian Embassy

    The Canadian Embassy in Algeria is located in the city of Algiers. The Ambassador of the Canadian Embassy in Algeria has the responsibility of maintaining good relations between the two countries. Algeria also has its own embassy in Ottawa, Canada, while the city of Montreal has an Algerian Consulate. The close relationship between Algeria and Canada has been reinforced by the fact that both ...

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    As with all countries, embassies and consulates in Algeria play a vital role in the country. What is the difference between an embassy and a consulate? An embassy can also be referred to as a diplomatic mission. This is a group of people from a particular nation state who live in Algeria and act as a representative of their home state. It is the office of a county's diplomatic ...

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    With the lack of well paid employment in Algeria, many qualified individuals have flocked to France or other European countries in search of a way to provide for their families. Some have left their families behind and others have managed to move with their families. Born and raised in Algeria, these individuals all have Algerian citizenship and thus have the right to return home whenever ...