Tag: currency

  • Shopping

    Algeria is a wonderful place to shop for beautiful souvenirs and gifts at bargain prices. It has many street markets and handicraft shops that sell just about everything imaginable. Some of the local products include leatherwork, rugs, copper and brassware, locally made dresses and jewelry.

  • Currency

    Working with money in this African country is somewhat difficult for most foreigners, and there are not many foreign exchange outlets. Great Britain Pounds are readily accepted and US Dollars are sometimes also appreciated, but credit cards are often rejected. Travelers checks are only accepted at four-star or more hotels so it is usually best to exchange a reasonable amount of cash into GBP ...

  • Real Estate

    If you have traveled to Algeria, you may have noticed that there are quite a few properties for sale in that country. And in a country where the currency is weak and properties are subsequently affordable, the idea of purchasing real estate in Algeria may be quite appealing. However, before you take such a giant leap, there is a lot you need to consider.