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  • Currency

    Whenever you travel to another country, whether for business or for pleasure, you will inevitably need to familiarize yourself with the currency being used in that country. Not only will you need to determine where the various exchange points are and what sort of travel currency - such as travelers checks and credit cards - is available, but you will also need to get an idea of how much ...

  • Proverbs

    Proverbs are brief sayings that are used frequently and often express a simple truth or perception. Algerian proverbs can give you great insight into the culture, views, opinions, customs and life of the population. As with all cultures, proverbs form an integral part of Algerian speech and add a sprinkling of color to any conversation. Why not learn a few proverbs from Algeria? You are ...

  • Wedding Customs

    In Algeria, as in all Arab countries, society revolves around religion and the religious customs of Islam. Marriage in Algeria is taken very seriously and is considered by most as a sign of maturity. According to the Qur'an, marriage must be based upon love. Algeria's wedding customs amongst those following the Muslim religion are much the same as in other practicing Muslim communities.