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  • Sights

    Sidi Fredj

    Sidi Fredj is more than just a picturesque resort town, it is a historical landmark, and some of its history can still be visited today. In the year 1830, the colonization of Algeria, by the French, started when their troops landed here and it again became a vital military post during World War 2. Over the years, however, Sidi Fredj has developed into one of the most popular resort towns in ...

  • North East


    Batna is the name of both a city and a province in north eastern Algeria. Although the origin of the name is unknown, most historians agree that it is a mixture of arabo-berberian and can be loosely translated into "where we sleep this night". Geographically speaking, Batna is located between the north and south Atlas Mountains and this means that the mountains rise on either side to form a ...