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  • French Embassy

    Algeria gained its independence from France in 1962 and chose to establish the French Embassy on a fifteen-hectare estate in Algiers, known as Peltzer Park.

  • History

    The French Period (1830-1962)Algeria became a colony of France shortly after French military forces invaded the country in 1830 and, for most of the succeeding 130 years, it was a fully-fledged department of the French Republic. During this period significant numbers of people emigrated from France to live in Algeria's cities; in some cases they actually outnumbered the locals and became ...

  • Expatriates

    With the lack of well paid employment in Algeria, many qualified individuals have flocked to France or other European countries in search of a way to provide for their families. Some have left their families behind and others have managed to move with their families. Born and raised in Algeria, these individuals all have Algerian citizenship and thus have the right to return home whenever ...