Tag: government

  • Radio

    Algeria's radio broadcasting stations are state-run - as are the television stations. Algeria has some 17 radio stations. Algerian Radio is a government operated station that broadcasts Channel 1, Channel 2 and Channel 3 as well as several provincial radio stations.

  • Television

    Local Algerian TV is limited to just one station. Electronic media (TV and Radio) in Algeria is state-controlled. However, the printed press is very active and often has much to say about the authorities. Whilst there are no censorship laws as such, legislation states that those insulting or slandering government officials can face prison or hefty fines.

  • Economy

    Algeria's economy has seen significant reforms in recent years. Continuous improvements to the economy of Algeria are being made by the government, which has had a positive impact on investment in a number of different business sectors. According to international standards, Algeria is categorized as a lower middle-income country. Let us consider the history of Algeria's economy and its ...

  • Public Services

    The public services in Algeria are quite good in some parts of the country and poor at best in more remote areas. Whilst the government does strive to upgrade their existing services and to expand the number of services offered, this can be difficult when the country is already facing so many other problems. Thus, many first world inhabitants would consider Algeria's public services to be ...