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  • Religious Sites in Algeria

    Ketchaoua Mosque

    The Ketchaoua Mosque has always been a religious site, but has changed faces a few times over the years. In 1612, the Ketchaoua Mosque was constructed and flourished as a mosque until 1845. After being known as the Cathedral of St Philippe for a number of years, the building was again converted into a mosque in 1962. Fortunately, the structure and breathtaking architecture has remained in ...

  • North West


    Oran is perhaps most famous for being one of the birthplaces of the rai music style. This inventive form of music is one of the more modern music styles that is popularly enjoyed in the various parts of Algeria and all over the world. The easy going and liberal atmosphere that pervades the city of Oran is clearly evident in this style of music. Initially performed only by men, it soon became ...

  • North East


    Skikda is a city located in the north eastern flanks of Algeria. It is noted for being a very important port on the Gulf of Stora, the ancient Sinus Numidicus. Skikda was founded in the year 1838 by the French colonies on the ruins of an ancient Phoenician city that later flourished as a large Roman city called Rusicade, a Punic word which means "Promontory of fire". The Roman port was ...