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  • Djebel Babor Nature Reserve

    Located within the Djebel Babor Mountains of northern Algeria, the Djebel Babor Nature Reserve consists primarily of Mediterranean conifer and mixed forests, an eco-region found in the high North African mountain ranges, as well as in southern Spain. This unique eco-region is home to the Barbary Macaque, an Old World monkey species which is considered to be endangered, as well as the Atlas ...

  • Vacations

    Picture yourself staring out into an expansive sea of sand, the dunes flowing one into the other whilst a massive mountain range looms up on the horizon. Imagine yourself diving into the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, the cool sea waters enveloping your body. Algeria is a land of great diversity, a country with a rich historical, cultural and natural heritage. A vacation in Algeria ...

  • Mountains

    From the Mediterranean coast the landscape peaks in the Atlas Mountains before it stretches across the Sahara Desert. With such varied topography, Algeria's landscape is diverse and fascinating. Algeria's mountain ranges cover large portions of the land. Some of Algeria's mountains form part of the great Atlas Mountain Range whilst others are located only within the country's borders.