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    Annaba is a city that is situated in the north-eastern region of Algeria near the Wadi Seybouse River. It is just 100 kilometers from the Tunisian border and 150 kilometers southwest of Constantine. The city is located in the Annaba Province and has a population of about 550 000 residents. Annaba's atmosphere is very similar to that of Algiers and provides a delightful destination for ...

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    Algeria has a great selection of delicious savory meals that are native to the country. Nuts are used extensively in Algerian recipes, as are a variety of aromatic spices. We trust you will enjoy cooking and savoring the flavors of these recipes from Algeria.

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    From historic, architecturally interesting buildings which may previously have been palaces or private homes, to glistening, modern skyscrapers, hotels are the most common form of accommodation in Algeria, and their standards of service can differ greatly. Wherever you choose to visit you are likely to find accommodation to suit your needs and your budget, however it is best to book your ...

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    Everyone needs to stop and eat once in a while and Algerians are no exception. There are a number of roadside coffee shops or diners, restaurants and cafes. Tour buses traveling in the Sahara will often make use of whatever roadside diners are available. This gives visitors an opportunity to stop and dine while looking out at the majestic dunes of this great desert. The majority of other ...