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    Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad

    The year 1007, signifies the start to the Hammadid Empire in Algeria, when they constructed their first capital city, which is known today as the Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad. Bechara is the closest town to this historic site, with Algiers approximately two hundred kilometers away, which has become a popular attraction in Algeria and a window into the lives of an ancient civilization. The ...

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    Sidi Fredj

    Sidi Fredj is more than just a picturesque resort town, it is a historical landmark, and some of its history can still be visited today. In the year 1830, the colonization of Algeria, by the French, started when their troops landed here and it again became a vital military post during World War 2. Over the years, however, Sidi Fredj has developed into one of the most popular resort towns in ...

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    Algeria is known to have some of the best archeological sites and Roman ruins in North Africa. Many of these sites have been recognized by UNESCO, as World Heritage Sites, and in 1982, this honor was given to Djemila. Djemila is not only one of the best historical sites in Algeria, but in the North Africa, as its beautifully preserved ruins are breathtaking monuments to Roman architecture. ...

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    Grand Erg Occidental

    The Sahara Desert region of Algeria is home to many small villages, breathtaking oasis and fascinating sand dunes, but it is also in this desolate landscape, where endless desert regions are found. Where there are no signs of life for miles; and where all that lies before you is an ocean of sand and its varied shapes and color. These seemingly lifeless stretches of sand are called ergs, and ...

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    Most visitors to this North African country are surprised at what they find. Instead of miles and miles of dry, dusty deserts or ramshackle streets, they find beautiful green pastures, elegant cities and picturesque harbors. Sure, the miles of desert sand can be seen, but Algeria has much more to offer than a glimpse of the Sahara. Nearly every main city or town has some great Algerian ...

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    Trekking is a popular activity throughout the world. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. What better way to get to know a country and appreciate its exquisite natural scenery than by trekking through untouched areas. Trekking in Algeria is a unique experience with the great diversity of landscapes makes for a fascinating journey.

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    If reading about Algeria with its fascinating people and beautiful desert cities has inspired you to travel to this unusual tourist destination, why not take the opportunity to book an Algerian tour now? Often a tour is the easiest way to see the best that a country has to show you and a great way to meet people.