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    Algeria is the second largest country in Africa and borders the Mediterranean Sea. Popular ports include Algiers, Annaba, Arzew, Bejaia, Djen Djen, Ghazaouet, Mostaganem, Oran and Skikda. Algeria.com is pleased to offer our Price Comparison Search Tool that will help you find the best published rates not only to Algeria, but to many destinations throughout the world.

  • North East

    The North East region of Algeria is diverse and fascinating to say the least. With its majestic rugged coastline, high plains, breathtaking mountain ranges, picturesque farmlands and sunny beaches, tourist flock to the various cities and towns located here. Algeria has many noteworthy sites and historical attractions scattered across its wonderful landscapes, and in the North East region, ...

  • Skikda

    Skikda is a city located in the north eastern flanks of Algeria. It is noted for being a very important port on the Gulf of Stora, the ancient Sinus Numidicus. Skikda was founded in the year 1838 by the French colonies on the ruins of an ancient Phoenician city that later flourished as a large Roman city called Rusicade, a Punic word which means "Promontory of fire". The Roman port was ...