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  • Algiers Golf Club

    Sporting activities are often popular attractions for foreign visitors. Knowing that there are a variety of activities available to keep them occupied assists them in planning their vacation. For serious golfing enthusiasts, finding a destination that has a golf course is important to them, and in a capital city such as Algiers, it is almost a requirement. As the Algiers Golf Club is ...

  • Sport

    Soccer is the most popular sport in Algeria. Both children and adults regularly play soccer for amusement in the streets and parks. Algeria qualified to participate in the World Cup championships in 1982 and 1986 and won Africa's Continental Championship in 1990. Algeria also has national volleyball and handball teams that have won international championships.

  • Golf Courses

    Golfing enthusiasts are known to try to include a round of golf wherever they may be visiting, and while Algeria is not exactly what might be termed a golfer's paradise, there are some golf courses for visitors to enjoy a game at. The Arab world has been exposed to golf since World War I when the British introduced the game to Egypt, eventually finding its way to Algeria.