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  • About Algeria

    Algeria is one of the most popular tourist countries in North Africa, and is the second largest country in Africa. Bordering Morocco, Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Niger, the Mediterranean Sea and the Western Sahara, Algeria is home to a diverse landscape and a population of approximately thirty-five million. Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and even though its economy is reliant on a ...

  • Train Stations

    Traveling by train can be a great way to explore Algeria, even if the options are limited. Read through this information to find out more.

  • Travel Guide

    Are you considering spending your next vacation in Algeria? Algeria.com provides you with a helpful traveler's guide. From basic need-to-know information - such as electricity points - to more important issues, this handy travel guide for Algeria will keep you informed. By taking note of these tips you are certain to have a pleasant stay.

  • Travel Options

    Are you planning on vacationing, visiting friends or doing business in Algeria? You are certain to be interested in what your travel options in Algeria are. Algeria.com provides you with details on how to arrive in Algeria and how to get around once you are in the country.

  • Travel Reservations

    No matter where you are traveling to, you are going to need to make travel reservations. Whether you are staying in a hotel or with a friend or whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, travel reservations in Algeria are vital. Algeria.com understands tourists' needs to book hotels and transportation to and around Algeria. Therefore we have created this page to assist you in making ...

  • Public Services

    The public services in Algeria are quite good in some parts of the country and poor at best in more remote areas. Whilst the government does strive to upgrade their existing services and to expand the number of services offered, this can be difficult when the country is already facing so many other problems. Thus, many first world inhabitants would consider Algeria's public services to be ...