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In Algeria, as with countries worldwide, ecotourism is an industry focused on tourism in the natural areas of the country. It both conserves the environment as well as sustains the livelihood of Algeria’s local people. Due to the expansive landscape and its great biodiversity, ecotourism in Algeria is ideal. Large areas of Algeria have been declared protected areas and an extensive network of National Parks has been established. Without a doubt, Algeria's ecotourism adventures are not to be missed.

Many tour operators in Algeria offer exciting ecotourism opportunities. From exploring Algeria’s beautiful Mediterranean coastline to venturing into the Saharan Atlas mountains, the options are endless. When selecting a tour operator, ensure that they stick to the high standards of ecotourism. Such companies must promote good ecological practices, contribute to the preservation of natural areas and make use of local services – thus supporting development of the population. Eco-tour guides will be able to provide you with interesting information on the ecosystems, natural rock formations and wildlife of Algeria.

One of the most popular locations for ecotourism in Algeria is Tassili n’Ajjer National Park, located in southeast Algeria. The park includes a large section of the Tassili n’ Ajjer mountain range. The sandstone composition of the mountains has resulted in the formation of amazing rock arches as well as contributing to the growth of woodlands in the park. Due to Tassili n’Ajjer’s biological and archaeological significance, the National Park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Adventure ecotourism in Algeria includes trekking, traveling by camel and horseback riding. All of these activities will not only acquaint you with the wonderful natural scenery of Algeria, but also the isolated communities scattered throughout the country.

If you are planning a vacation in Algeria, be sure to get in contact with an ecotourism company so that you can experience Algeria’s wild side. Ecotourism in Algeria is a never to be forgotten adventure.

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